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Are you overwhelmed with the process of bringing in consistent clients?

Do you want to take your business from
blah blah to rah rah sis boom bah?

Do you wish you had a clear plan of action for growing your business without working 24/7 or feeling "sales-y" so that you can authentically share your gifts and make more money?

Then hello, my friend.
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I’m Diahana Barnes, Success & Executive Business Coach for heart-centered entrepreneurs who want to get real results in their business.

Like more burning hot leads...
Who turn into raving clients…
Who turn into repeat customers…
All while having harmony and balance...

I’ve spent 20+ years learning the ins and outs of selling, constructing client-magnetizing swagger and confidence in building real, authentic relationships that gets real (and consistent) results.  I've cracked the code on how to have everything in business without compromising a bit of my family and personal time.


I'm here to help you finally...

  • Use your Spiritual gifts to attract clients so you can experience an easy and consistent income
  • Heal your biggest fears and call in your perfect clients who are ready to hire you
  • Ditch the self doubt that’s impacting your sales and marketing success
  • Find more freedom and flexibility in your business (No more burning the midnight oil, wearing too many hats, or juggling all the tasks yourself. Yes more laser focus)
  • Get clear on your true value so you can own it, claim it, and authentically share it with confidence

Before working with Diahana, I was struggling with some of my sales conversations and reach out. After one conversation, she quickly provided clarity and strategies. Her examples were so crystal clear that I was able to put them into play and started seeing immediate results”

Dawn Russell
Treats for Chickens

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