Absolute Abundance

Money Harmony Challenge

Diahana Barnes


Imagine what it would feel like to finally unleash the Absolute Abundance, Money, & Harmony you are meant to have in your life right now.  It's already there; you just need to grab it!

Hey you! Are you a heart-centered entrepreneur ready to attract more clients and more abundance in your biz?

Join our FREE 5-day Absolute Abundance Money Harmony challenge and get fast results by aligning your spiritual gifts with your money goals (without working 24/7)

Here's What to Expect:

Having everything you want is right here, right now!  You just need to access it.  Success isn't just about working hard or taking the right steps.  It's about discovering your Divine brilliance, embracing it and using it to release what's preventing you from manifesting it.

In this free 5-Day Challenge you will:

  • Uncover and release the #1 thing sabotaging your success (sometimes without you even realizing it)
  • Discover your Divine brilliance and how it fits into your business model to attract clients and make more money
  • Understand and create strategic and powerful intentions so that you see results fast


#MoneyHarmony is a FREE 5 Day, absolute abundance challenge designed to help you create a successful harmonious business by simply adding one untapped element you already have inside - your spiritual gifts - and aligning it with your money goals.

For the next 5 days, you'll blend the spiritual with the practical, using the two together.  You can keep everything else the same, or tweak as you feel inspired.  We're doing the 1-2-3 work that will align you spiritually and get you money coming in, like this week! Woot! Woot!


Once you start tuning into who you spiritually are and using it to FUEL your goals and HEAL what's sabotaging  your success, you'll start to see evidence of abundance begin to unfold.  Some results will come quickly, others may take some time.  Here are some of our favorite results  we've seen from others who have cone the challenge:

JOIN The FREE Challenge And Get #MoneyHarmony


Diahana (pronounced Diana) - is an award winning trainer, speaker, author and spiritual business coach who has owned her own 6 figure coaching and online business since 2006.  Her mission is to help 10,000 coaches, healers and heart-centered entrepreneurs easily attract clients and become the Harmonious CEOs of their business.

After juggling a demanding corporate job leading multi-million dollar sales teams, she left because she saw precious time with her kids slipping by while she worked too much and too hard and finally said, “enough”!

In just 1 1/2 years of leaving and fully embracing her own spiritual gifts and purpose as a coach and healer, she has rock-solid business, where clients "drop" in her lap and achieve their own success quickly and easily.

Her unique gift is healing what's going wrong in your business. She gives CEO-Minded entrepreneurial women a step-by-step harmony process so that they can have total business "Zen" around manifesting money and attracting clients.