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Speak to Inspire Method™ Certification with Diahana Barnes


You are likely here because this is
the moment of a potential
tipping point for you. 

You are ready to FINALLY bring
your talk to the masses and
inspire hundreds, thousands or
even millions with your message.

If you are a Speaker, Trainer,
Heart Centered Business Leader...
THIS is for YOU

You’ve spoken and/or presented before. Maybe
you’ve even done it for a while. You’ve likely
done several in person talks, workshops and
probably have even spoken to a large live
audience from a stage.

Yet, you feel there is something that is not quite hitting
the mark with your target audience. You haven’t been able to find that magic sauce, the stage presence
required to evoke soul based action from your

And NOW, it seems like it could be
EVEN harder to do this via video or virtually as
we all move more into the digital age.

You're probably wondering:

  • How to take your in person workshops, talks, seminars and retreats and recreate them into a live online format in a way that doesn’t lose any of the in person connection
  • How to be highly engaging online and stand out amongst an already saturated space
  • How to have a consistent stream of passionate clients signing up to work with you no matter what's going on
  • How to fill your group program, create a virtual retreat and experience a full VIP coaching or consulting roster
  • How to become PEERLESS in your industry, the coaching and consulting space, with event/ meeting planners and in the online service-based communities

I can tell you that NOW more than ever, the world
needs to hear your message and engage with
your work!

More importantly the people who NEED what you
have to offer deserve to hear your message and
it is your duty now as a heart-centered business
leader to make sure you are calling these clients
to you to do the work. 


Harmonious CEO ELITE

with Diahana Barnes

The world needs, is begging for, powerful,
inspirational and transformational speakers that
can not only speak on stage but can speak live
online, digitally and virtually and spark soul
based action in large masses of people.

I want you to imagine with me for a minute a
real possibility for you...

  • Imagine having messages and emails
    coming in daily from people you have moved
    and inspired into action. 

  • Imagine what it would feel like to not have to
    constantly be chasing down clients via salesy
    tactics that don’t align with your way of doing
    things and go against your values.

  • Imagine having your business model and
    systems dialed in, where your biggest worry
    when you wake up each day is thinking about
    how you're going to serve more people today.

  • Imagine knowing you have money coming in
    every month and it is super consistent,
    predictable and you don't have to worry about. 

When you join ELITE

You're investing in a powerful, systematic
soul-rousing, money- making business
model - all while embracing and awakening
the REAL you.

Specifically, here’s what you get:

Our unique certification program and proven
business model will help you create a
profitable business by providing you the right
support, structure, and system that gets
bottom line results.

You’ll learn the Speak to Inspire Method™
and how to use speaking as a core way to
share your vision, create momentum in your
business, up-level who you are.

The certification is your key differentiator in
this saturated space of lack-luster speakers
with limited experience. This is the
certification of it's kind that will truly help you
stand out as an authority in the speaking
space, give you more confidence which will
help you attract and convert more clients. 

AND an automatic by-product of
implementing the above?
Having the deep
impact you are called to create in the

Also, please note that the the #1
way to market yourself right now
is online. 

Your future clients are craving
content, connection, and

You can give that to them.

For a moment, forget about the past and think
about where you need and want to be 6 months
from now. 

Do you want to be sparking inspiration and action
and sharing your treasures with masses of

Do you want to be the inspirational
heart-centered business leader that your clients
have always been looking for? 

IF ELITE fits into the picture of where you see
yourself 6 months from now, then join today. 

I’ve called you to my page because YOU ARE
NEEDS RIGHT NOW and I know deep within that you
will transform the world with your inspiration. 

It’s because of this that you need a unique
container of support to bring your amazing-ness
to those that need you!

ELITE is NOT an online course and it's
not just another coaching program.  

It is a complete model for business
development and delivery with
extraordinary top-notch support like
you’ve never experienced before AND it
comes with a speaker certification that
will make you peerless in your space.

I have surrounded myself with a team of
coaches and experts to guide you through
the entire process from






Through this 12 month executive program +
certification you will be able to tell meeting
planners, networking groups, conference
organizers and corporate clients that you are
uniquely certified to speak online and in
person AND have all the tools you need to
build a highly profitable online business.

No other program in the market can offer
this right now. 


After nearly 10 years of working for one of Zoom’s biggest competitors, training hundreds at the corporate level and guiding C-suite leaders on real and webcam “stages” I decided to take all of my expertise and experience to go off and do this for the people I had always dreamt to work with. What I didn’t expect was that there was NOTHING in the marketplace like this.

After spending too much energy, time and money searching...I created ELITE.


Harmonious CEO ELITE

with Diahana Barnes

This is the most comprehensive, start-to-finish
program on the market geared at heart-centered
speakers, authors and business leaders to make
them preeminent in their markets.

ELITE is a 12 Month Custom Business Model
Development and Delivery Program that includes
a VIP Consulting Package and a Speak to Inspire Method™ Certification

What you get

  • 2 1/2 Day in-person or Virtual - RETREAT

  • Customized Rapid Acceleration Plan to help you design, execute and get you profitable in as little as 4 weeks

  • Harmonious CEO DIGITAL Success System to help you stay on track, motivated and focused

  • Executive Coaching & Consulting that includes: 

    • Success Coach 

    • Program Design & Pricing Coach 

    • Mindset Coach

    • Marketing & Social Media Expert

    • Technology Expert 

    • Event Planning Coach with emphasis on virtual and in person retreat creation

    • Connections & Storytelling Coach - Weekly session to help you master your story and digital connections that result in attracting clients

      Harmonious CEO Training Hub that includes tools, videos, templates, swipe files, audios and more on topics such as: How to have a heart-centered sales conversation, Great places to find clients, How to get booked, Heart-Centered Networking on LinkedIn, and Discovering Your Spiritual Sales Style

  • You will have a private group with Diahana, her coaches and the other members to ask questions, receive community support and inspiration

  • Diahana's Private Business Resources VAULT that includes valuable swipe files, tools, system checklists, and services she uses in her business that are vetted and trusted

It doesn’t end there…

You also get trained and will receive your SPEAK
TO INSPIRE Method™ Speaker Certification as
your KEY DIFFERENTIATOR. THIS is how you will stand out miles ahead of your competition.

You will learn the Speak to Inspire Method™ a
proven methodology for speaking that is highly
engaging and is a proven method and format for
attracting dream clients and getting results both in
person or online

During the 6 week certification program you will: 

  • Learn The 3 Pillars and 4 Stages of STIM, Why it’s unique, how you can make an impact, and how you will stand out from everyone else. 

  • You will also, master the 6 core skills of the STIM, learn critical preparation and mindset strategies for stepping out on stage (virtual stages or in person), plus receive full marketing and promotional resources

  • Done for You Formats including: 1 hour speaking format for networking & speaking events, 2 day workshop format for corporate clients, 2 day VIP Retreat format, 5 day version for a FB Live 5 day Workshop

  • Official Speaker Certified Status – you’ll received your certified status once you complete the 6 week training, pass the exam and submit your final certification materials

  • Beautiful Certificate you can display in your office

  • Full Permission to use the STIM Certified Speaker designation in your signature and on your website

  • Listing in our Online Directory of Speak to Inspire Certified Speakers and listing in a global Speakers Bureau

  • You also have the opportunity to be one of our featured expert coach/consultants. Our Certified Speakers’ applications receive priority consideration when there is an opening on the calendar

  • Full Marketing Start up package including speaker one sheet examples, email templates, social media and newsletters

  • Our Certified Speaker Directory is promoted in National press releases and PR campaign including Facebook and Instagram and IG Advertising, email marketing to meeting planners currently seeking online speakers for virtual and in person conferences, summits and meetings

for 12 Months

12 Payment Option - Enroll Today!

(BEST DEAL - SAVE $2800)

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Have questions?  Please contact us at 888-549-4844 ext 301 or email sales@learnease.com we are happy to help complete your order.

Here's what our clients experience...

Susan Burrell Live Your Empowered Life

3 New Clients, 1 Renewing Client, and 17 (yes you read that correctly) people signed up eagerly to be on her waiting list for her upcoming program


Rubina Cohen, Owner Firefly Strategies

Michelle Depres

Michelle closed three new clients for $15,000 in new revenue in 1 week – after enrolling in Elite and using the Speak to Inspire Method to achieve this success. 

Michelle Depres Awaken Business School
Juli Walwyn, Sr. Director Revenue Enablement

Diahana is a dynamic consultant, mentor and strategist. She works seamlessly with executive leaders and their teams to communicate and share their vision in such a way that it inspires others to stretch for a higher level – increasing confidence and results.

Juli Walwyn, Sr. Director Revenue Enablement MindBody

Julie Kick - The Virtual Rockstar

Before working with Diahana I was feeling stuck. I need to be attracting potential clients. I’m working through (another program) but I just feel stuck. I was at a loss, pretty much treading water...

Within 1 week of our coaching call I signed a brand new client for my Virtual Rockstar program (yay) and got an order for my 1/2 day intensive while I was sleeping last night


for 12 Months

12 Payment Option - Enroll Today!

(BEST DEAL - SAVE $2800)

Click Here to Enroll Today & SAVE!

Diahana is an award winning Trainer, Speaker, Success Strategist, and Executive Coach with over 23 years of experience.  Mom, former corporate woman, and entrepreneur, she built her own six figure coaching business after leaving a demanding corporate job leading $40 Million dollar sales teams and email marketing campaigns.

She’s worked with Fortune 500 executives on their keynotes, been personally trained by their executive coaches, and spoken on stages with audience sizes ranging from 25 to 500.

Her mission is to help 10,000 heart centered entrepreneurs be the Harmonious CEOs of their businesses.