Speak to Inspire


with Diahana Barnes

Are you ready to speak in a way that inspires
AND makes money?

Welcome to the one and only business building mentorship that shows you how to use speaking as a way share your unique message from the heart that inspires your dream clients

Speak to Inspire ELITE

with Diahana Barnes

Inside Speak to Inspire ELITE you'll walk away with your own systematic money making speak to inspire success system - just by being you

12 monthly payments of
$595 USD

12 Payment Option

One payment of
$6,500 (save $640)

Join Speak to Inspire ELITE!

Speak to Inspire ELITE is designed for YOU, the visionary leader who is ready to use the Speak to Inspire Method™ as a way to share your vision, create momentum in your business, up-level who you are and where you're going, and the deep impact you are called to do

Speak to Inspire ELITE is NOT an online course and it's not just another coaching program.  It is everything you would want inside of a ONE-OF-A-KIND EXPERIENCE with the ultimate support second to none

I've had a bunch of business coaches.  I've been in other high end mastermind programs, training groups, you name it.

None are what Speak to Inspire ELITE offers you.


  • You want to share your expertise as a way to grow your business
  • You don’t want to hustle, push, or follow a cookie cutter template
  • You’re ready to make speaking and events as a dynamic way to inspire as a key part of your work
  • You love your intuitive side and want to use it to fuel your business growth

This is NOT for you if...

  • You are scared of speaking
  • Are looking for a DIY Online program
  • Speaking is something you think you, "should" do
  • You believe seeding, memorizing, and making a "pitch" to grab clients is the way to go

As a member of the program you’ll work intimately with myself and my team of coaches to leverage your intuitive and natural gifts into a “Speak to Inspire Signature Talk” (and/or even your own event) as a way to accelerate and create consistency in your business.  You'll experience speaking as profitable, fun, flexible AND as a way to have a huge impact on those you serve.

You’ll receive customized attention, divinely inspired training in key areas, and powerful tools to help you take your business to the next level

Imagine what it would feel like to have a full list of clients that have asked to work with you and are ready to pay you VIP rates because you INSPIRED them

What is in Speak to Inspire ELITE?

Speak to Inspire ELITE is a customized to YOU
business and marketing strategy program

How ELITE works:

This experience is probably not like anything you have participated in before. Not a program, it is an entire business mentoring and consulting experience for 12 months where you have access to attend live in person events, expert coaches, along with ongoing training and resources at your finger tips.

Your VIP Treatment includes:

  • You will receive a 2 Day in-person RETREAT/VIP Experience in either California or Oregon where we will cover stage presence, brand style (what to wear), in the moment feedback, and have digital photos taken for you to use for speaker one sheet, social media, promo flyers, etc. (Value $2400)
  • You will have personal attention from Diahana who has worked with Fortune 500 Executives on their talks inside her private weekly 2 hour open office hours zoom meeting room
  • You will receive a Fast Start and Rapid Acceleration plan to help you design and execute your own unique talk that also makes you money
  • You have 12 months of unlimited access to the Harmonious CEO DIGITAL Success System to help you stay on track, motivated and focused

You will exit the program fully trained in the Speak to Inspire Method™ and be eligible for formal Certification and to be selected as one of our facilitators, stage speakers and consultants to clients.

Your EXECUTIVE Coaching Includes:

  • You will have personal access and Executive Coaching from Diahana with an initial kick off call and 12 months of weekly 2 hour open office hours
  • You will receive 12 individual one-on-one monthly sessions with your Success Coach to help you stay on track and execute your customized plan
  • You will receive three (3) group sessions with our Programs & Transformation Coach. Where you will learn how to turn your ideas into profit by creating your unique program (no cookie cutter stuff here!)
  • You will receive three (3) group sessions with our Mindset coach. Where you will embrace the Harmonious CEO that you are by releasing any resistance or self-sabotage and be fiercely confident
  • *NEW* You will have personal attention and calls with our Marketing and Social Media Experts

Your TRAINING Portal & Resources Includes:

  • You will get full unlimited access for 12 months to the Harmonious CEO Training Hub that includes tools, videos, templates, swipe files, audios and more on topics such as: How to have a heart-centered sales conversation, Great places to find clients, How to get booked, Heart-Centered Networking on LinkedIn, and Discovering Your Spiritual Sales Style
  • You will have a private group with Diahana, her coaches and the other members to ask questions, receive community support and inspiration
  • You will also have access to Diahana's Private Business Resources: The tools, systems, services she uses in her business, vetted and trusted


Choose the Speak to Inspire ELITE! Plan That's Right For You

12 monthly payments of
$595 USD

12 Payment Option

One payment of
$6,500 (save $640)


Choose the Speak to Inspire ELITE! Plan That's Right For You

Juli Walwyn, Sr. Director Revenue Enablement

Diahana is a dynamic consultant, mentor and strategist. She works seamlessly with executive leaders and their teams to communicate and share their vision in such a way that it inspires others to stretch for a higher level – increasing confidence and results.

Juli Walwyn, Sr. Director Revenue Enablement MindBody

Susan Burrell Live Your Empowered Life

3 New Clients, 1 Renewing Client, and 17 (yes you read that correctly) people signed up eagerly to be on her waiting list for her upcoming program


Julie Kick - The Virtual Rockstar

Before working with Diahana I was feeling stuck. I need to be attracting potential clients. I’m working through (another program) but I just feel stuck. I was at a loss, pretty much treading water...

Within 1 week of our coaching call I signed a brand new client for my Virtual Rockstar program (yay) and got an order for my 1/2 day intensive while I was sleeping last night


12 monthly payments of
$595 USD

12 Payment Option

One payment of
$6,500 (save $640)


Diahana is an award winning Trainer, Speaker, Success Strategist, and Executive Coach with over 23 years of experience.  Mom, former corporate woman, and entrepreneur, she built her own six figure coaching business after leaving a demanding corporate job leading $40 Million dollar sales teams and email marketing campaigns.

She’s worked with Fortune 500 executives on their keynotes, been personally trained by their executive coaches, and spoken on stages with audience sizes ranging from 25 to 500.

Her mission is to help 10,000 heart centered entrepreneurs be the Harmonious CEOs of their businesses.