Harmonious CEO

Executive Program

with Diahana Barnes

My Dear Heart-Centered Entrepreneur...

Miracles happen when you own your Divine Swagger...

Being who you are inside, healing fears, removing blocks and taking heart-centered action leads to success. That's why when you transform and embracing your new way of being you create new habits and breakthroughs that catapult your business quickly and easily.

Do you want…

  • Clients that literally fall in your lap
  • Consistent income month after month
  • Own your value and your offerings with confidence
  • Marry the spiritual with the practical so that you can grow your business and transform lives
  • Learn from an expert, who’s been down this road and come out the other side (spiritual trust, developed a new way of be-ing, experienced major business miracles)

If you are a heart-centered Entrepreneur and you are ready to:

  • Go from compromising yourself, your services and your offerings to try and get clients to being totally grounded in your spiritual power, kicking $ass and taking names as clients literally Fall. In. Your. Lap.
  • Trying everything the “gurus” say to do (building funnels, website, email drip campaigns, pilot programs) with less than stellar results to dancing in your Divine Mojo! Confident and clear on your spiritual sales and marketing style that attracts clients and makes money
  • Step into your role as the powerful Executive that you are
  • Have total freedom. Bills are paid without stress, a hefty savings in the bank, the ability to travel multiple times a year

...Then you may be perfect for

The Harmonious CEO Executive Program

So what exactly is this program all about?

The Harmonious CEO Executive Program is an 9-month program designed to support you as you fully step into your own Divine Swagger, heal and remove blocks that are secretly sabotaging your success, master your unique heart-centered sales and marketing strategy, breaking through your money barriers, own your value and experience your own business miracles!

What if you could experience the results in your business in a single moment? The moment you choose to BE different, own your Divine Swagger!

WITH the support of powerful healings, a community of like-minded CEOs and a mentor who has walked the steps before you and can lead you to ahh-maaazz-iiiinnng results

This program has been carefully and divinely inspired to provide the ultimate support in marrying the spiritual with the practical. Mastering your Divine Swagger, healing errors, mortal mind, gremlins, and creating consistent income through heart-centered make-it-happen actions!

We combine one-on-one coaching and healing sessions, group training, and an in person retreat for a completely divine experience of support and love as you take your business to the next level – a level beyond your wildest dreams.

You will become the lady that doesn’t have to do it all herself, who is confident, compassionate and divine.

During the program you will master your heart-centered sales and marketing strategy necessary to attract clients that literally fall in your lap and consistently brings in income month after month AND be the Harmonious CEO of your business.

You'll work with me and my team to:

  • Fill Your Program/Retreat/Calendar with clients using your Spiritual Sales & Marketing Style
  • Create and Execute your own custom for you process that creates consistent income for you month after month
  • Permanently heal fears and remove blocks holding you back
  • Claim Your Divine Swagger and have total confidence in yourself, your value and your business
  • Start to build your own execution team - because a CEO doesn't do it all herself
  • Build in flexibility, fun, freedom into your schedule AND make money

Hi! I'm Diahana and I'll be your fearless leader on this journey.

I’ve led a $40 Million sales team, trained hundreds of people, inspired executive leaders all while owning my Divine Swagger. AND there is nothing like embracing it in your own business. The miracles that took place once I stepped into my heart and my first spiritually aligned divine sales blueprint offer.

Diahana Barnes is a sales rockstar

9-Month Executive Program Outline

Whether it’s your first time, a new focus or a renewed commitment to MASTERING your spiritual sales and business success, there is nothing like a loving hand of support to take it to the next level.

Module 01

Private 1:1 Coaching

Nine (1 per month) private 1-on-1 Divine Mojo Power Calls
(45 min each / monthly)

You will receive insightful coaching to help you clearly see your limiting blocks plus intuitive guidance to assist you in releasing those blocks starting right then and there on our call partnered with practical strategies that will grow your business. All calls are recorded for replay. ($7,500 Value)

Module 02

Spiritual Healing

Nine total (1 per month) Spiritual Healing Sessions

Healing sessions are incredibly powerful. This is where we look at your sneaky gremlins, negative self-talk and hidden blocks that are sabotaging your success AND integrate new energies and way of be-ing as you grow throughout this program. These sessions are remote sessions and all healings sessions are recorded and sent. ($3,150 Value)

Module 03

Group Support

Nine Group Divine Swagger™ Momentum Calls (on Zoom)

You will gain confidence and community knowing you are not alone! Experience ongoing group support and community from other leaders to help you brainstorm ideas, provide loving feedback, serve as a focus group, and potential clients and referrals for other high caliber business leaders. All Swagger Momentum Calls are recorded for replay. ($3000 Value)

Module 04

Exclusive Success Retreat

Transformational Harmonious CEO Executive Retreat 

There will be a special exclusive retreat in September for members of the program. Corporate leaders do it all the time (typically once or twice a year). It’s called a leader day or an executive off site. A single day dedicated to strategy & execution planning. Personal development & Tactical actions (Spiritual & Practical work).  It’s not considered an indulgence, it’s considered smart business. AND it’s never done at the office.

Why? Because even corporate exec’s recognize that in order to be creative and to think strategically about the business you have to get out of the everyday environment. Free from distractions and interruptions. ($12,000 Value)

Module 05

Content Review

Content, Copy, Sales Review 

Consider us an extension of your team. That’s why you’ll receive One content, copy or sales review where we can review your sales page, role play your sales conversation, or help provide content. Want to run a challenge, create a group, offer a Webinar, we’ve done it all. ($2000 Value)

Module 05

Implementation Day

One 'Get It Done' Immersion Day

We understand the demands of owning a business and being an executive leader. Use this dedicated time to work on strategy, develop automated systems, write inspired copy…let’s get it done! We will set aside a day for virtual blitzing, setting our heart-centered intentions, align spiritually and take inspired action ($3000 value)

Plus, Special Bonuses (worth over $9000)

Bonus #1: Extra Month of Email Coaching – April 2019

($2,100 Value)

Bonus #2: Let Us Promote YOU

Word of mouth sharing, referrals, connections are one of THE best ways to grow your business. Take advantage of our social media connections (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, IG) and email list and we will spread the word about you!

($1500 Value)

Bonus #3: Harmonious CEO Business Tool Box – LIFETIME ACCESS

Never purchase another training program again! Each month our team will provide a new training. Think of it as your own personal business tool box. Worksheets, Done-for-You calendars (think social media) Action checklists, and full blown training programs you can access at any time. Use it for yourself or sign up one team member.

($5000 Value)

Sample online trainings include:

  • Heart-Centered Networking (on LinkedIn and Facebook)
  • How to create a private Facebook group and run a challenge)
  • Attract Clients in 90 Days Program
  • Six Figure Success Bootcamp Program
  • Winning with Meditation
  • 7 Ways to End Procrastination
  • 10 Steps to Owning Your Rockstar Self
  • How to Gracefully Announce and Handle a Price Increase with Clients
  • The Social Media Planner
  • The Sales Funnel Planner

Bonus #4: Spiritual Insights Session and Your Unique CEO Leadership Insights

This bonus session we will dive into spiritual insights and your unique CEO leadership strengths, your top natural talents and how to use them in your business.

($650 Value)

Before working with Diahana I was facing challenges around my sales process and effective networking strategies.  I chose Diahana because she's so good at marrying both the spiritual side and the practical side of business.  After just two sessions I am effectively converting leads to prospects and prospects to clients.

Angi Scibelli MacDonnell
Mom / Runner / Health Enthusiast / Entrepreneur
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What are some of the long-term benefits?

Embrace Your Divine Swagger

  • Have complete divine swagger total unwavering confidence in what you offer and who you offer it to
  • Heal and remove permanently what’s secretly sabotaging your success that have kept you from your harmonious, light and easy lifestyle
  • Expand your heart-centered actions
  • Honor who you spiritually are, ignoring what all the “gurus” say to do and allowing your spiritual sales style guide your actions
  • Love your intuitive inspired gifts and receive your own business miracles doing what you love

Heal & Remove Mental Blocks

  • Heal hidden fears, error, mortal mind and receive healing and spiritual activations…
  • Expand your spiritual side and use it in your business

Learn Heart-Centered Sales

  • Attract ideal clients that, “literally fall in your lap”
  • Create your full Divine Sales Blueprint offerings that embrace your value. It’s an easy way to share so that you feel confident and not sales-y
  • Sell and market in alignment with your spiritual sales style to consistently fuel your income. You’ll know exactly what to do and say to your dream clients
  • Develop the automated lead system that feeds your business. This is a heart-centered and spiritually aligned plan that feels good to you so that you can keep your momentum going.

Become a Harmonious CEO

  • Master the Harmonious CEO way of BE-ING that leads to multiple six-figures and beyond
  • Offer spiritually aligned programs that change lives
  • Master your ability to easily attract clients by sharing your Divine Sales Blueprint one-on-one that doesn’t feel sales-y or pushing and has clients saying yes

The Harmonious CEO Executive Program IS perfect for you if:

  • You are ready for success and want to be the Harmonious CEO of your business right now
  • You love your spiritual side and want to use it to fuel your business growth
  • You are willing to face your fear(s) and heal error, mortal mind, and gremlins allowing you to fully express and reflect who you truly are as a reflection of Divine Love
  • You want to fully and completely own your value and stop compromising yourself, your services and your offerings
  • You are ready to receive your own business miracles quickly and easily!

The Harmonious CEO Executive Program is NOT for you if:

  • You would rather keep doing what your doing and are satisfied with where you are at
  • You want to stay “safe” in your head and are unwilling to face and remove and heal hidden fear or emotions
  • You are not committed to executing and taking action
  • You want to do it all yourself, are unable to delegate, are not ready to be the executive leader of your business

Are you ready to dive in?

If you’re ready to be fully supported as you turn the tide in your business and life — with an A-Z plan to follow and an expert in your corner — the next step is to fill out the application and we will set up a complimentary 30-minute call to discuss if it's a fit.

I'm Ready!

Diahana has helped me to streamline my sales conversation with new clients so that I don’t feel like I am groveling. I feel empowered now when I talk to potential clients because Diahana’s Heart Centered approach does just that - it reminds me to be in my heart as I have conversations with people. And that is just where I want to expand my business from, my heart!

Susan Burrell
Living Your Inspired Life

Before working with Diahana, I was struggling with some of my sales conversations and reach out. After one conversations, she quickly provided clarity and strategies. Her examples were so crystal clear that I was able to put them into play and started seeing immediate results

Dawn Russell

Questions + Answers

What if I’ve already been in a Executive Program before?

Fabulous! Then you know some of what to expect. Now is the moment to up-level once again spiritually and practically taking the right steps now with heart-centered action and healings that will catapult your success, create consistency and change lives.

I’m not sure about the group aspect of the program

The Harmonious CEO Executive Program is designed with the perfect balance of intimate one-on-one support plus the added benefit of surrounding yourself with other CEO minded entrepreneurs taking the same journey you are. You’ll have leaders (and potentially new clients) in your tribe offering resources and insights you wouldn’t necessarily get otherwise.

What if I want more one-on-one support?

Great! So excited that you are considering joining the program. More one-on-one…That’s an option! Check out the VIP elite options and decide what the best fit is for you.

What if this investment totally freaks me out?

I understand completely. Choosing who and what to invest in that will get the results you’re seeking is a big decision. I’ve felt that way myself on more than one occasion when I’ve considered investing significantly in my business success.

What I’ve found is that ever time I do the benefits are incredible and have led me to new levels of growth personally and financially. If you didn’t think about the investment, is your intuition a solid, “yes”?

Just know that this program is specially designed to give you the exact skills and right energy to attract clients, money and confidence. I’ve seen for myself (and others) that once I said yes to investing in something I knew was right intuitively (even when the price tag made me gulp) that’s when the transformation happened. Clients were drawn to my new energy and the new skills gave me even more confidence.

How do I know if it’s right?

If you turn off all the swirling that’s going on in your head and instead feel and listen to your heart, what does it say?

I believe if you are reading this far it’s for a reason. Your heart is yearning, your spiritual side is saying yes and everything is divinely perfect. Whatever you decide will be exactly right. In my business when I’ve made the leap in saying yes to my heart I didn’t feel ready either, but that was exactly when my dream results came out of those actions.

If you are ready, you will on some level, already know.


Why me? Why this program?

Because my lovely lady...You ARE a CEO

I believe every woman IS the Harmonious CEO of her business.  That means you have all the all the money. All the clients. All the time and freedom you desire.

God would not have given you this dream, desire, this calling without everything you need to achieve it, already inside you right now.  

So I want to share with you how I became the Harmonious CEO of my business.  

After working in corporate for years, I came to a point in my life where I wanted to be home with my teenagers.  I saw that there was only a few precious years left with them, then they’d be off to college and out of the house.  I also had a long time dream of working from home coaching others but wasn’t sure if I could make enough $$ to replace my big corporate income.  I worried about health insurance, and giving up the consistency my job gave my family.

I’d always been spiritual, taught at an early age to rely on God, and I was formally taught by a spiritual teacher.  

But I was also very practical.  Because being in business you have to be practical.  Working in the corporate world and being spiritual or trusting your intuition just wasn’t done.  This was even modeled for me as a young girl.

When I was about 8 years old my parents decided that my mom would open up her own furniture store to augment my dad’s corporate income.  An entrepreneur in her own right and before it was even a “thing” she ran that store like a BOSS. A total Lady Boss 🙂 Without much experience or worldly education, she built it into a successful enterprise while being totally spiritual.  She trusted her spiritual side and she succeeded.

Then, like a tornado (from little Diahana’s an 8 year old’s perspective) my dad would whoosh into the business at times.  Doing what he thought was lending his “business experience and education” his practical help, trying to support, in the only way he knew how.  

It was at those times, I would see my mom acquiesce her spiritual side, not trusting herself to be the leader she really was. Giving in to the “more educated and more experienced”. More practical.

Seeing this dynamic between my mom and dad, I took on a similar perspective.  That one shouldn’t trust themselves or what I call your spiritual intuition, but instead be practical first. Always.  It just “made good business sense.''

So when it came time to build my own business, I started with the practical.  I hired a business coach. I created a website. I put on a persona of what I thought I should be and tried to model what others were doing in an attempt to recreate their success as my own.  

And guess what happened?  My efforts fell flat. Crickets… I’d have one client...then nothing.  Maybe another small one...then silence. Money was coming in, but not consistently and not in the way I wanted it to.

It was painful and it was hard.  I was trying to “manipulate” my results and of course I came across that way. Sales-y...Pushy…

I talked harmony but I wasn’t totally living it.  I was manifesting money (my spiritual side was still rock solid) but it wasn’t SIGNIFICANTLY coming from my business.  I wanted my business to support everything I wanted to do.

It wasn’t until I hit that point of desperation where I wanted my business to be beyond profitable.  I wanted to be free to invest in fun things for me and my business. I wanted to stop personally funding the extras.

And I was willing to do whatever it took

Which meant facing early childhood drama, healing inner fears, forgiving…

It meant trusting God and my inner intuition when it cam to my business even when it didn’t make practical sense.

I stopped trying to manipulate the outcome of my business by mimicking what others were doing.  I shed the shell of what I thought I should be (what others expected) and I let my hair down so to speak.  I stopped “trying” everything and started listening.

I let the inner me out.

I gained confidence when I did a fb live without makeup on, completely unscripted.  It was one the the best I’ve ever done and I began to develop what I now call “Divine Swagger” total confidence in who you are and what you’re meant to do

I healed fears and removed blocks - and through that was able let go of what others would think.  I declared myself a spiritual business coach. Marrying the spiritual with the practical so that you can have an amazing and profitable business.

I embraced what I call heart-centered sales and marketing.  Using my spiritual sales style I wrote emails, posts, and sales pages from my heart and followed an aligned sales process.  

I started with the spiritual and executed with the practical - did the work and became unattached to the outcome.

That’s when the magic happened. That’s when clients started to literally fall in my lap. Within a month  I had three new clients, hit over six figures and have had a consistent income from my coaching ever since.  I became the Harmonious CEO of my business. Easily attracting clients, making money with all the freedom and flexibility I want.  

And that is my mission.  To help entrepreneurial women become the Harmonious CEOs of their business.  That’s my dream and my calling and my gift to help you be the leader you are meant to be.

If you’re ready to be the Harmonious CEO of your business...

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