Diahana Barnes

Hey there beautiful Coaches and Healers!

Do You wish you could attract more clients
in an easy heart-centered way? 

Are you ready to heal your fear of sales?

What if you can let go of your fear of being Sales-y and get straight to the FUN part?

Imagine what it would feel like to feel light in your business where booking sales that fill your calendar is so easy you almost feel guilty.  You EVEN have the freedom to take some time off!

Imagine a world where you easily book calls and attract new clients.  What would that do for you, your business?  How free would it feel to easily be able to take time off whenever you want because sales is fun and easy?  What if I told you that in 30 days your business could be completely different.  Picture yourself in a world where your business is light and easy. Where you work when you want to work, where you easily book calls and sign up new clients AND where you seamlessly take time off without worry or stress.

My simple roadmap lays out exactly what to do and what to say to attract new clients and add new revenue to your business in 30 days or less...without being sales-y or pushy.

What would that feel like?  What would that do for you and your family?

Why hello you CEO-minded lady...

  • Are you really wanting to grow and expand but you're afraid of being pushy or sales-y
  • Are you totally overloaded, having done the work, created funnels, run a challenge, post consistently on FB all the "things" you've been told to do, but your consistency is still not there
  • Are you secretly afraid that if things were to really thrive in your business that you'll be over committed and your family and personal life will suffer?
  • Are you holding back because you're unsure of what to actually "do" if you did get more clients?

Come Join Me For

If you are ready to...

  • Discover a duplicatable process for booking calls that is fun and easy
  • Shift your mindset and step into total confidence in yourself and the value that you offer
  • Learn how to share your program in a heart-centered way that doesn't feel sales-y or pushy and has clients saying, "YES!"
  • Easily navigate objections and experience total calm and feel relaxed when you get one
  • Release and heal your biggest fear around sales
  • Overcome blocks that are sabotaging your success

Then pull up a chair hot stuff!  You are in the right place.

I'm the woman for you!  Diahana Barnes, I help Coaches and Healers attract clients and embody the HARMONIOUS CEO that they are meant to be. 

When I left the corporate world I did so for two reasons:

1. I saw precious time with my family slipping away and I refused to miss another swim meet or volleyball game. I wanted to be home so that when my daughter forgot her lunch and called I could easily say, “sure I’ll drop it off, no problem”. My kids were becoming teenagers and for me that was the most crucial time to be home.

2. I had a calling and a dream. I wanted to help people and I dreamed of flexible, fun and easy business. I wanted to prove that corporate wasn’t the only way to be successful. I’d flirted with my coaching business, started it in 2006, but never quite made it my total focus.

The funny irony was, I was terrified of having sales conversations. Ironic since in the corporate world I was an award winning trainer (teaching new hire sales reps), I led a sales team that generated multi-millions of dollars in sales in a year (like $50 Million which is crazy). Here I was full time in my coaching business (finally!) scared of sales.

I did EVERYTHING under the sun to attract clients without “selling”. I hired a coach. Set up a website. Created a funnel. Started a Facebook group. Posted to social media. Wrote blog posts. Sent emails to my list. Held a free challenge. And the list goes on…

The truth was I was going through a transitional growth spurt where I had to look inward, turn to God, listen, love, and learn to be who I truly was inside. And here’s the thing…fear can be healed. Quickly or slowly depending on how much you want it.

Here’s what I learned. The one thing you are most afraid of doing is the exact thing that will grow your business beyond your wildest dreams.  The fear of sales (or really fear of anything in your biz) can be reversed by looking inside and figuring out what the cause is and to use your innate spiritual gifts to heal. Here is what was true for me.

I was afraid of what people would think
I was confused about what value I offered
I was terrified to reach out and meet new people
I was unsure of what to actually say during a sales call (how to make sure I wasn't being sales-y or pushy)
And if they said yes, yikes!  I didn’t actually know what my day to day coaching would look like
I didn’t know who exactly I wanted to work with
I was worried I would end up sacrificing my family for my business

Once I realized this, I was able to reframe, claim my spiritual gifts, heal my fear, and feel great about my business.

What if you could let go of your fear of being Sales-y and get straight to the FUN part: working with clients you love, doing what you love, whenever you want to?

After struggling for over a year with my own secret fears, here's what I know.  The BEST way to attract clients is to have a plan, an easy to follow step-by-step process.

Because while funnels, challenges, posting on Facebook are all important and have their purpose, the quickest, easiest and most important skill is sales.  Knowing what to do and what to say once the leads come in is GOLDEN

Once you have a simple road map to attracting clients, and cash, consistently


Today my business is easy.  I travel ALOT. I spend oodles of time with my family.  I work when I want to and it’s fun to have sales conversations and I do them effortlessly. It’s like having a conversation with a new friend.

Now I easily:

Book 3, 5, 7 calls in an hour (when I want to)

Attract clients and they say "YES"!

Attract more of the EXACT ideal clients I want to work with

Feel 110% Confident in my offerings and their value

Sell more and work less

You can have this too!

Are you ready to have a business
that is light and easy?

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Sign up today and my team will  provide a list of 25 ideal clients for you, design  a custom reach-out strategy and train your VA how to

    At the end you'll have…

    ☼ A duplicatable process for booking as many sales conversations (discovery calls) as you want whenever you want them.  This is my exact strategy that I used to book 7 calls in an hour

    ☼ Total confidence in yourself and the value that you offer

    ☼ Leave the retreat with at least 5-10 conversations booked AND you'll know exactly what to do and what to say during the call.  All heart-centered and easy.

    ☼ Follow the steps and you will easily attract 1-2 or more new clients in less than 30 days

    ☼ Heal you biggest fear around being sales-y or pushy

    ☼ Insight and access to my very own secret a process (and the tools I use) for following up (because honestly they don't all sign up on the spot after the first call) that is fun, easy and gets results

    We will put together the perfect plan for you, I'll cover my Heart-centered Networking Model, my proprietary strategy that I only share with private clients that books calls and attracts clients in my own business, plus customized examples of messaging, what to say & exactly what I do on LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.

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    Susan Burrell

    Diahana has helped me to streamline my sales conversation with new clients so that I don’t feel like I am groveling.  I feel empowered now when I talk to potential clients because Diahana’s Heart Centered approach does just that – it reminds me to be in my heart as I have conversations with people.  And that is just where I want to expand my business from, my heart!

    Susan Burrell Susan Burrell - Live Your Empowered Life!
    Renee Li

    Diahana effortlessly brings lightness into marketing and sales strategies. Her intuitive coaching style aligned me with my spiritual attribute and strengths for powerful sales conversations.

    Renee Li Renee Li, Soul Purpose Success Mentor + Master Healer + Speaker + Author
    Maggie Nazzario

    What really resonated with me during my time with Diahana attending The Harmony Retreat was the relaxed yet focused environment she provided. I was able to share in a way that on the surface seemed so casual, but the questions she asked brought me to conclusions to help shift my thinking. The visualization she held left me with a clear picture of my gremlin, and this feeling of empowerment to kick it to the curb! Within less than a week I had new opportunities and my first 3 month coaching client!

    Maggie Nazzario Callavida - Life Coach
    Elaine Bennett

    Since working with Diahana, within two weeks, I was able to bring in an unexpected $400 and through her work with me on opening up to receive abundance, manifested another $10K in a most unexpected way. I couldn’t be more ecstatic!

    Elaine Bennett Bennett Ink, LLC
    Holi Kohls

    Before working with Diahana, I was completely stuck.  She helped me get clarity and focus.

    Holi Kohls Bariatric Success Coach

    Heart-Centered Sales School


    Space is limited to Twelve (12).  Grab your spot now for this two and a half day transformational experience!

    What we will cover...

    Day 1 : ALIGN

    Discover your unique spiritual gift and how to use it to attract clients.  Learn how to use the H-E-A-R-T sales model to easily connect with your ideal clients and book calls.  AND you'll learn how to make your program irresistible to your ideal clients

    Day 2: CONNECT

    Together we will remove the biggest block that is sabotaging your ability to attract clients.  Learn the Anatomy of a Sales Call and the 3 key areas to focus on so that you make heart-centered connections that feel great.

    A word for word script to invite your clients into a heart-centered sales conversation

    Easy Fill-in-the-blank Templates and format to help you during the actual conversation without being pushy or sales-y

    Day 3: CREATE

    Learn the#harmonyisachoice business formula.  Get clear on your value so you can own it, claim it and authentically share it with confidence and develop and action plan for your light and easy business.  Simple tweaks you can make that will get you quick results

    Simple mindset tool and cheat sheet you can use to ditch fear and attract clients

    Easy to follow Action Plan so you stay focused and inspired

    Apply Here

    PLUS BONUSES (worth over $3500)

    BONUS #1: Lifetime Access to the Heart-Centered Networking on LinkedIn Basic & Advance ecourse ($597 value)

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    BONUS #3: Money Harmony 5 Day Challenge Mindset Program for Manifesting ($347 value)

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