Speak to Inspire Method

The Easy Way to Attract Clients

Speak to Inspire
5-Day Workshop Online Live Event

March 30 - April 3, 2020

Save My Seat

You'll Learn...

  • How to Stand out, Position Yourself as a Leader and Inspire Your Dream Clients
  • Setting up Your Profitable Structure that Attracts Sales
  • Lead Generation - How to Inspire Not "Sell"
  • How to Build a Business Speaking - Creating Your Money Making Speaking Plan
Save My Seat

Diahana is an award winning Trainer, Speaker, Success Strategist, and Executive Coach with over 23 years of experience.  Mom, former corporate woman, and entrepreneur

She’s worked with Fortune 500 executives on their keynotes, been personally trained by their executive coaches and spoken on stages with audience sizes ranging from 25 to 500.

Her mission is to help 10,000 heart centered entrepreneurs be the Harmonious CEOs of their businesses.


Beverly Schuster

Diahana was wonderful.  Her presence was like no other I’ve seen.  It was engaging, entertaining and informative.  Learning about how to have total confidence, authentic sales conversations and removing fear/blocks right then and there from someone who has so much business experience was great.  She is so inspiring is perfect for any event or audience.

Beverly Schuster Agent/Aflac
Susan Burrell

Diahana has helped me to streamline my sales conversation with new clients so that I don’t feel like I am groveling.  I feel empowered now when I talk to potential clients because Diahana’s Heart Centered approach does just that – it reminds me to be in my heart as I have conversations with people.  And that is just where I want to expand my business from, my heart!

Susan Burrell Susan Burrell - Live Your Empowered Life!
Angi Scibelli MacDonnell

Before working with Diahana I was facing challenges around my sales process and effective networking strategies.  I chose Diahana because she’s so good at marrying both the spiritual side and the practical side of business.  After just two sessions I am effectively converting leads to prospects and prospects to clients.

Angi Scibelli MacDonnell Mom / Runner / Health Enthusiast / Entrepreneur
Renee Li

Diahana effortlessly brings lightness into marketing and sales strategies. Her intuitive coaching style aligned me with my spiritual attribute and strengths for powerful sales conversations.

Renee Li Renee Li, Soul Purpose Success Mentor + Master Healer + Speaker + Author
Maggie Nazzario

What really resonated with me during my time with Diahana attending The Harmony Retreat was the relaxed yet focused environment she provided. I was able to share in a way that on the surface seemed so casual, but the questions she asked brought me to conclusions to help shift my thinking. The visualization she held left me with a clear picture of my gremlin, and this feeling of empowerment to kick it to the curb! Within less than a week I had new opportunities and my first 3 month coaching client!

Maggie Nazzario Callavida - Life Coach
Save My Seat