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with Diahana Barnes

Success in spiritual alignment equals success in business.

Let’s face it — if you’re working 24/7, you might have a business but you don’t have a life. But no matter how much elbow grease you put into it, you can’t seem to get ahead enough to take time off, your stressed and it's taking its toll on you. What the bleep?

You’re not complicated: All you want is to make great money doing what you love. Without working All. The. Time.  Why is that so hard?

You’re sick and tired of doing it all, combing through Facebook groups, attending networking events, BNI meetings, trying to figure out LinkedIn, anything to keep the flow of ideal people who want to hire you.

You’ve had it up to here with crafting offers, doing launches, sending surveys. “JUST TELL ME WHAT YOU PEOPLE WANT ALREADY!!” you scream to your email subscriber list after your third glass of wine. You’ve tried praying for something, anything, so you can just take some time off and go on vacation.  At the best of times, it’s been an emotional roller coaster. At the worst, you're constantly checking your phone, you can't sleep, your physically feeling pain and stress.

You’re dreaming about:

  • Feeling safe enough in your business so you can afford the little luxuries in life, like moving to Hawaii, going to the gym in the middle of the day, coaching your clients from the road, or finally taking that vacation to Puerto Rico
  • Having peace of mind because you know your soul is aligned with your business so that the money keeps coming in, day after day, week after week, month after month
  • Being able to count on new ideal clients finding and falling in love with you, and hiring you outright without you having to spend 24/7 looking for them
  • Taking time off for date night on Saturday, meeting your friends for a movie, and attending your kid’s afternoon soccer game
  • Enough people buying your stuff that you feel secure and you’re hitting (or exceeding) your income goals
  • Not having to recreate the wheel when you’ve got a new offer to sell or program to offer but instead have systems on auto-pilot. Hello ease!
  • Scaling or growing what you’ve got right now so you can reach more people, build stronger relationships and get visible

You are not bad at business. You're actually pretty darn successful.  You just aren't in alignment.  Your spiritual intuition isn't aligned with your business goals.

The good news? Having a profitable and fun business s is easy when your sales and marketing efforts are in alignment with your Spiritual intuition and you've got an A to Z plan and a wing woman to help you make it happen.

Let’s bust some myths right here, right now, shall we?

“Spiritual Alignment.” It conjures up woo woo stuff that seems pie in the sky - and you've heard about that law of attraction stuff, but really c'mon is it possible?

That’s not what I’m here to teach you.

I believe spiritual alignment is really about helping you see what is true for you and giving you a tried and true process that works. All this, when done right, can make you feel UH-MAZING. Like the way you feel after a great blowout with a fresh frappucino in your hand and a new Michael Kors bag on your arm. Ah, bliss!!  And ohh how your heart yearns for it and your family needs it so you can spend some time with them and still see uber success and feel happy.

Diahana Barnes is a sales rockstar

That, my friend, is the feeling you’ll get when you’re totally spiritually aligned, with a process that get's you in harmony, every day, in a way that feels totally awesome.

And I’m here to help you do it.

Hi, I’m Diahana Barnes. I spent 20+ years leading and training corporate sales teams, learning the ins and outs of selling all while being spiritually aligned and harmonious, cracking the code and coming up with an easy breezy process so you don’t have to.

I’ve trained hundreds of new sales reps on how to build relationships and authentically sell, so they can attract clients instead of chasing them. I’ve been in charge of massive email campaigns, huge business budgets and $40+ million teams for a select handful of the biggest companies known to (wo)man. I have the Master’s degree. I have the awards. And I built my own 6-figure side business while still in corporate.

I tell you that to tell you this:

I know sales.  I know business.  I know executive coaching.  But more importantly...

I know how to align your Spiritual intuition with your money business goals.

And soon you will too.

From what to do on a daily basis, to how to align yourself up before a sales call so you feel on top of the world instead of freaked the tarnation out, I’ve got the answers, and I’m giving them to you.

Here’s what’s not good enough for you anymore:

  • Feeling totally stressed, lost, and afraid to give up what you've built, but looking for anything to help ease the pain
  • Your business bleeding over into your personal life
  • Not having the freedom you want to take days off without having to worry
  • Not focusing on the things that are going to make the biggest impact and income
  • Wearing too many hats and juggling too many projects
  • Wondering where to turn next to reach your goals without giving up your soul (and time, and having to answer your cell phone's constant, ding, ding)

Just how different can you life look when you’re kicking butt and taking names on the spiritual side of your business?

Just Imagine...

  • No more “taking on not so ideal clients, any client!” shuffle where you’re frantically emailing your uncle’s cousin’s neighbor’s dog’s former owner to ask who they know who might want your services
  • Checking your bank balance no longer gives you the heebie jeebies because you already know there’s going to be money in there (and a lot more of it)
  • Standing tall and confidently because you know the value of what you offer and you’ve got a line out the door of people who are ready to hire you
  • Hopping on the phone with a potential client and having them signed up before you say goodbye
  • Having a template for having harmony every day so that business is easy breezy and fun again
  • A partner on your team ready to cheer you on and love you for you
  • Celebrating hitting revenue numbers you didn’t even know where possible 90 days ago (Did someone say confetti?)
Sales & Marketing Machine

Harmony Healing & Treatment

What is a Harmony Healing & Treatment?  Are you easily and effortlessly enjoying your business and hitting your money goals?

Do you have all you need to invest in your business, take time off whenever you fell like it, or just give to a charity you love? A big part of manifesting harmony and money is confidently relying on your spiritual attributes and ability to recognize and kick out mortal mind, error and gremlins that are blocking you from receiving.

In this healing session we will:

Explore your Spiritual attributes what makes you unique and how you can use them to drive the success of your business.

Uncover and remove mortal mind, error or gremlin that is blocking you from all that Divine Love has ready and waiting for you.

Experience the Harmony Core Process in action.  This is the exact process I use for myself to manifest money, gain clarity in my business, and heal relationship problems.

You'll walk away with a full customized pdf report, meditation/prayer to remove your specific block that is in the way of you receiving leaving you with a beautiful sense of harmony and balance in your life and business.

It's not uncommon to experience immediate and inspiring results after this 60 minute treatment.  I truly believe you are meant to experience abundance in your business.  The Universe/Spirit/God would not have given you this dream, talent and inspiration without supporting you to receive a great income for sharing it.

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Accountability Cheerleader

Money & Harmony Retreats

In these retreats I share my personal journey and the process I've created that captures exactly what I do to achieve harmony and abundance in my life and business.

In the retreat, we delve into the spiritual side of business and take a journey together - exploring the not so talked about aspects of life and business. This is outside the 'typical' sales coaching I've done in the past but truly is what has been the main foundation for my success and happiness. There aren't too many places you can find this kind of experience, that includes both coaching and spiritual insights from a female entrepreneur's viewpoint.

For someone who is wanting to have a life and business full of abundance and harmony, this is the most important program I can offer to help you achieve this.

If you're feeling like you're working all the time with little results, trying a bunch of things that don't seem to work, feel tense, stressed, worried, stuck or lost, out of sync, or feel like there is more to life and who you are but don't know what, then this retreat is a MUST. Participating could change your life, give you exactly what you need when you need it, including the tools and process I use daily to totally turn my business and life around. It's simple, but also spiritual, very personal and contains details, information, and insights from my personal experience.

Harmony Virtual Live Retreat

Ready to explore more of who you spiritually are and how to align it with your business?  There is a way to have a successful business without working 24/7 and still enjoy abundance.  Recent clients raved about this format saying, "This was delivered in a beautiful way, loved it!"  This 90 minute virtual live session + 1:1 could be exactly what you are looking for your business

Harmony Business Retreat

Are you wanting to experience an amazing transformation for yourself and your business?  Want to explore Your Unique Spiritual Attributes, uncover and remove hidden Gremlins, obstacles or limiting beliefs getting in your way, and develop a new strategic & spiritually aligned plan that feeds your soul and your pocketbook?  This retreat is definitely for you.



Harmony Corporate Escape

Are you in a Corporate job finding yourself wishing for something more? Curious to explore more of who you spiritually are, uncover and remove hidden Gremlins, obstacles or limiting beliefs that are holding you back from that next promotion or starting a new venture?  Are you ready for a spiritually aligned plan that feeds your soul and your excited about?  This retreat is the escape that is waiting for you.

Introducing my Private Coaching package:

Harmony Business Executive Coaching & Mentoring


Entrepreneurial Women

WITH Diahana Barnes

It’s the structured solution that utilizes the Harmony Core Process™  for women who want to go big with their revenue, fill their calendars with clients, all while having harmony and balance being the leaders they were meant to be in business and in life.

This is for you if...

  • You know your working 24/7 is taking it toll on you but you don't know what to do
  • You’re ready to learn how to bring in clients (and money) consciously and consistently while being in spiritual alignment
  • You want to learn how to be even more of a leader in your business and life
  • You’d like a trusted confidante on your side who understands and sees you for you who you truly are and will help you when you’re second guessing yourself or you don’t know what to do next
  • You’re ready to get off the roller coaster ride of feast and famine
  • You’ve got your sights set on hitting the next income level, and then the one after that, and then the one after that
  • You want to change, have more time for your family and yourself without losing all you've worked for
  • You're looking for a way to have more spirituality in your life and an easy process for feeling happy, balanced and stress free
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Areas of focus for the Entrepreneurial Executive Woman:

Mindset Maven

Mindset Maven

Business isn’t just a numbers game. It’s a head game too. That’s why we start by building the foundation identifying your spiritual attributes, strengths, aligning your Spiritual intuition with your money business goals. We dive into the Harmony Core Process™  This is the foundational work that allows everything else to fall into place.

Sales & Marketing Machine

Sales and Marketing Machine

You want to change more lives, connect more with people, and have a positive impact on the world without working 24/7.  We’ll cover how to align your spiritual intuition with your sales and marketing strategies. How to get visible in just the right way, build relationships, how to use your special uniqueness & spiritual attributes in marketing and growing your business with ease.

Action Taker

Action Taker

Now we’re really cooking! You’ll learn how to keep your foot on the gas to get clients more regularly with less stress, using the platforms you love to use and doing the kinds of outreach that feel best to you. There’s nothing cookie cutter about it.


Resourceful Rockstar

You’ll get everything you need to ignite your business, including inside secrets into how I run my back-end office, from my personal CTO (Chief Technical Officer) to when and who I outsource, back-end systems and resources. If you can dream up a tool, tip, worksheet, script, email template, ROI calculator, scheduler, or PowerPoint template, software, hardware...I’ve got insights on it all. This is the in-your-hands stuff that will save you oodles of time and research that you can hold onto forever, hang on your fridge, or put in your desk. It’s all here to help.

Accountability Cheerleader

Super fun and loving Cheerleader

Let’s face it: sometimes you need a little love to keep you going. I’m here to be your support system, to help you get results, to move you through dips more quickly, to stop your sabotage (Gremlin) and to encourage you along your way. In this program, you are never alone.

You'll receive:

  • The keys to aligning your sales and marketing efforts to your strengths so it feels effortless
  • Exclusive and customized to you private executive coaching
  • A powerful VIP day (virtual or in person) to catapult your spiritual alignment, uncover your Divinely inspired attributes that will drive your success
  • Email support so you always feel fully supported
  • Private 1:1 support in implementing the Harmony Core Process™
  • A private community and access to all future retreats and resources

By the end of the program, you’ll walk away with:

  • An entire library of resources you can come back to anytime you need and a consistent process for tapping into your harmony
  • Total clarity and alignment around what you’re doing in your business
  • More consistent clients who find you, hire you and refer others to you
  • Excitement about your business (instead of stress felling like you have to work 24/7) and time for family and yourself
  • Focus and structure on how to use your Spiritual intuition to drive you towards your business goals so that you can generate more money doing what you love

You’ll receive full text support, 1:1 calls, an inside private view into how to implement the Harmony Core Process™ with manifesting money in my business,  as well as exclusive access to my business insights, tools and CTO along with any of my future group trainings, and discounts on any future programs and retreats.

If you’re ready to be fully supported as you turn the tide in your business and life — with an A-Z plan to follow and an expert in your corner — the next step is to fill out the application and we will set up a complimentary 30-minute call to discuss if it's a fit.

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