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The difference between an ordinary leader and an Extra-Ordinary one is how well you communicate your vision

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As visionary leaders, we have a unique opportunity to change lives.  Gone are the days of traditional communication methods.  My clients want to take their vision and share it in a way that is so powerful that everyone in the room leaves different.

So I created the Speak to Inspire Method™ - a cutting edge Feminine Leadership Model that gets your message out and drives results - whether it's from your home office, meeting room or on stage.

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I’m Diahana Barnes, Success Strategist & Executive Consultant to Visionary Leaders who want:

  • To Speak in a way that inspires, creates momentum and drives results
  • To be looked at as a Thought Leader, Innovative, and Unforgettable
  • People to say, "OMG Best (Meeting/Event/Retreat/Session) EVER!"
  • All while being authentically yourself and using your innate gifts

I’ve developed a framework for how to strategically communicate so that you come across as inspiring, energetic and unforgettable in a way that drive results.  It is the same process I've used with Fortune 500 Executives to successfully execute their unique vision to audiences ranging from 25 participants to over 800+.  It is the same framework I use to build my own highly profitable consulting business.  It would be my honor to lend you my 20+ years of expertise and experience in creating memorable and powerful experiences.


We are here to help you to...

  • Design your strategic communication strategy so that you can grow the business inspiring others to take action
  • Craft your unique Speak to Inspire framework that you use over and over to communication your vision in a way o align that creates momentum and reinforces action long after you've left the room
  • Take your vision and execute it in a way that drives short AND long term sales and results
  • Enter every opportunity in a way that provides experiences not just knowledge so that you are looked at as a thought leader
  • Create consistency across all your communications, from small meetings to large events, you'll provide opportunities for lifelong experiences that change lives
  • Stand out from the sea of noise and be recognized as a true visionary

Diahana is a dynamic consultant, mentor and strategist. She works seamlessly with executive leaders and their teams to communicate and share their vision in such a way that it inspires others to stretch for a higher level - increasing confidence and results.

Juli Walwyn, Sr. Director Revenue Enablement

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Diahana excels at balancing a leaders' vision with strategy and execution.  Her expertise transforms their vision into reality that creates momentum and drives sales results immediately.

Virginia Hanna
Sales Strategy & Operations, The Bridge Group

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