5 Steps to Banish Your Gremlin

Taking the leap from a 9-5 into the world of entrepreneurship or thriving once you’re there can feel SO SCARY. For most of us it’s the fear of failure and the negative self-talk that sneaks up when we are feeling vulnerable or outside our comfort zone telling us… You can’t do it. Who do you think you are? You aren’t good enough. You don’t have enough experience. UGH!! The voice can be so convincing.

How long has that voice stopped you from following your passion or taking your business to the next level? In the book, Energy Leadership by Bruce D Schneider, he talks about understanding and recognizing your internal self-talk. By creating awareness of this negative self-talk you can increase your energy leadership and move to new heights of self-awareness and success.

The book is a great read, and in it he talks about energy blocks, and one being in the form of a, “Gremlin”. What I took from this is a sense that your internal negative self-talk can be a GREMLIN. You know the guy, that inner critical voice that may be causing you to self-sabotage.

Don’t worry, once you know he’s there you can figure out how to beat him. Here are the 5 steps I’ve been using to banish that Gremlin.

1. What does your GREMLIN look like?
Draw a picture of your Gremlin and give him (or her) a name. Keep it at your desk or in a place where he’s most likely to creep out and stop you from being your best self. I totally picture myself with a ugly green creature on my shoulder chattering in my ear.

Once he has a name and a face, he isn’t part of YOU any more, he’s something you can ignore, something you can mentally defend yourself against.

2. Where did he come from?
Typically, I am not a big fan of looking at the past, childhood or previous situations. In case you did not notice, I am a pretty positive person and I don’t like to dwell. However, in working with a coach myself – I started reflecting on my own life and where some of my Gremlin/self talk came from with the purpose of getting unstuck and gaining my own clarity for my business.

Let me tell you – it WORKS!

3. Would your best friend, mom, business colleague agree with your Gremlin?

When your Gremlin starts to chat in your ear “You can’t do it!” “You aren’t good enough!” “You failed in the past, you’ll fail again!” channel that person, the person who loves you and believes in you. What would they say? Would they agree with your Gremlin? I doubt it.

4. Then kick your Gremlin to the curb and create a NEW YOU – Gremlin Free

I was stuck. I was frustrated. I wasn’t sure what my business was about or where I was going. Have you ever felt that way?
I honestly didn’t know what to do and I certainly didn’t want to share my insecurity with anyone. But that all changed when I talked to someone (yes a coach) about it. I got more in tune with myself, my energy, and my one-ness with God (or the Divine, whatever is true for you).

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Here is the process I went through to kick my Gremlin to the curb:


[feature_block style=”icon” overall_style=”icon” columns=”1″ icon_style=”image” font_size=”18″ font_style=”bold”][feature title=”Gain%20Awareness” icon=”Search-Engine-Optimization.png” upload_icon=”” bg_color=”” href=””]Gain of my energy and what kind of leader I was being in my life and my business.

[/feature] [feature title=”Create%20a%20New%20Vision” icon=”394.png” upload_icon=”” bg_color=”” href=””]Create a new vision for myself through journaling and self-reflection of what I wanted and who I wanted to be.

[/feature] [feature title=”Build%20Concrete%20Strategies” icon=”Social-Media-Collaboration.png” upload_icon=”” bg_color=”” href=””]Build concrete strategies to working through blocks, recognize my Gremlin(s) and kicking him to the curb!

[/feature] [feature title=”Create%20a%20new%20Gremlin-Free%20Reality” icon=”395.png” upload_icon=”” bg_color=”” href=””]Create a new Gremlin-free reality with a heightened self-awareness and enlightenment

[/feature] [/feature_block]

WOOO HOOOO Success! I felt great, I had clarity, I was energized, happy and productive!

How could your life change and improve if you were to let go of the Gremlin (negative self-talk) in your life?

5. If you can’t banish the Gremlin, then take him along for the ride.

One of my favorite sayings is “If you can’t beat fear, do it scared.” Sometimes, despite our best efforts, we can’t fully banish the Gremlin but that’s NEVER a reason to not do something that you know will take you and your business to the next level. The most important successes and journeys lie outside your comfort zone and the Gremlin is the gate keeper.

If you can’t shake the your Gremlin take a moment before you leave your house or in your car, look at yourself in the mirror, call your Gremlin by name and say “I know you’re there and you think I’m not ready for this. I’ll prove you wrong – you can stay and watch me while I do!”

There you have it! Just remember, this all takes practice. The more you see your Gremlin for the false negative self-talker that he is, the faster you can silence him and the faster you will be living the life you’ve always dreamed with the success and freedom you deserve.

Never forget – I believe in YOU!

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