Are You Ready to Speak?

 I was hanging out on the couch this morning, dog snoozing on my lap as I gazed out at the fall colors starting to show, when a reminder for a speaking gig popped up.  I often get asked about what is it I do to get booked and the answer is pretty simple:

Speak once and you’ll get booked easily after that.

The trick is, when you speak that one time, it has to be powerful, inspiring, and stand out in such a way that they can’t stop talking about it.  Speak to inspire and that one gig will lead to new clients and new speaking opportunities. Then another and another.  

When you craft your signature talk – your inspiring, powerful and stand out version – there are four stages you want to walk yourself through:

Stage #1 – The Structure.  The actual structure of your signature talk has to be clear, broken down into ideally no more than three key points and communicated so powerfully the audience can taste it, feel it, see it and remember it beyond the 2-3 days after the event.  You want them talking about you months or even years later.

I’m a big fan of creating a mini experience inside of the talk so that the audience leaves a little different then when they walked in.  They get to experience you along with a peek at what working with you feels like. 

Stage #2 – Who You Need To “BE”.  This stage is all about confidence. Who do you need to be inside, outside, mind, body, spirit in order to deliver that powerful and inspiring talk?  

Are you 100% that person already or is there some work that needs to be done. Take stock and then take action to get ready.  

If you aren’t BE-ing the Leader you need to be, your talk with fall flat

Ignite the leader inside so that you can “be” the one who easily turns your dream of speaking into a reality.

Stage #3 – The Stuff.  Think of this as the magic behind the curtain. What is the support, systems, and logistics that need to be put in place before, during and after the speaking gig.  

Will you need back of room support? 

Will you have slides?  

How will the audience learn more about you and working with you?

Stage #4 – The Road Blocks.  Technical issues and those sneaky gremlins that seep into your thoughts: fear, doubt, worry.  Anticipate the blocks that may come up for you and have a plan for how to handle them.  Even when you’ve done deep work around stage #2, stuff comes up. 

Because when you’re about to do something great, and impact lives, that’s when those sneaky gremlins try to appear.

So being prepared with a plan on how to handle them it key and heck, it may even keep them from coming up in the first place. 🙂 

There’s a strategy to getting booked to speak and it all starts with that first signature talk that you deliver. The one that is impactful, purposeful, effective, dynamic and organized in a such a way that attracts clients and referrals. 

I’m looking forward to hearing about your amazing speaking success!  

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