Are You Scared?

I’ll admit it – I was scared.

It had been an amazing 2 days of retreating with my Business mastermind group. We worked, laughed, played. We had time for ourselves and time dedicated to working on our business.

When it was all over I felt amazing. Ready to conquer the world and let my light shine.
Then fear showed up. I’m calling it the retreat hangover.

You know the feeling, you go to a conference, retreat or even just listen to an amazing webinar or read a great email. Your excited, ready to take action, inspired.

Then in a split second doubt creeps in. What if’s…invade.

Well not this time! This time I saw it for what it was. Fear, doubt, negative nilly trying to keep me from my greatness. This time instead of riding the wave of fear and giving into thoughts of:

“I’ll just lay down for a minute” or “I’ll take a walk to get inspired” or “or look at the time my daughter needs…” or my favorite “my friends will think I’m crazy”

This time I said, “no way self! Get back to work. Get busy.”

This time I trusted God and leaned into my spiritual gifts to overcome my mortal minds doubts.

You know what? It felt scary, it felt uncomfortable, it wasn’t roses and unicorns. But it did pass.

Because when you mentally tell mortal mind to “Talk to the Hand” ? you’re making room for God’s inspiration to come through. Next thing I knew I got into a grove and things started to click. I felt drips of inspiration. I got excited and I easily stayed on task.

And you can too.

Divine Love loves you.

But you can’t hear that loving inspiration if you’re listening to fear. And fear can be sneaky. Coming across as tired, or procrastinating or family needs sabotaging you from taking action (not always but yes sometimes).

So how do you know when fear is sabotaging your success?

Here’s a few signs:

  • You feel super inspired (just back from a retreat, mastermind or networking)
    excited to take action and then do nothing.
  • You create an amazing new offering but never share about it (or post it on FB once and then stop)
  • You have a whole couple of hours to yourself and you’re dedicating it to working on your biz but you end up wasting away the time.
  • You let a family something something pop up and take up some space instead of holding your boundaries.
    I totally get it. I’ve done all of those things and more. It wasn’t until this last time that I finally said enough, broke through the fog and took action instead.

And I want to help you to do the same.

I’m on a mission to help 10,000 (gulp) entrepreneurial women be the Harmonious CEOs of their business.

Is that you? Are you ready to break through the wall of fear? The only lasting way I know how is by turning to God and using your spiritual gifts. That’s exactly why I created a new show called

The Harmonious CEO

Live on FB each week I’m sharing strategies and inspiration for your heart-based business.

This week’s topic is:

Staying the Course When it Feels Like Everything is Going Wrong

How to Be The Harmonious CEO of Your Biz Even When Everything is “Going Wrong” – An Easy Mindset Strategy to Snap Out of It

Check it out

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