Are You Second Guessing Yourself?

Do you ever find yourself second guessing a decision you’ve made? Don’t you just wish you could Stop. Know. Be Confident?

Earlier this week I made a decision to invest in a program that I knew would grow my business. It was something I actually looked at a year ago, but wasn’t ready at the time. I felt good, in tune and totally aligned and excited for this as it would help me build my skills in speaking, something I’ve dreamed and envisioned.

Then mortal mind hit. BAM! Thoughts like, “What are you thinking? Should you have done that? Do you have the time?” Fear of failure. Fear of success…if I’m really good, oodles of clients will sign up, then where will my precious family time go?

I get asked often, “what does being spiritually aligned mean? Well, I can tell you, second guessing yourself, feeling doubt, worried, fear, that is exactly what is doesn’t look like

All the things that run through our heads that keep us from growing, that’s mortal mind. That is error trying to keep you from being your Truth, sharing your gifts and receiving all you are meant to receive.

You are perfect as you are. You are exactly where you are meant to be.

Making a decision is investing in yourself, trusting your inner guide. That’s spiritual alignment. That’s true harmony.

What did I do when those thoughts hit me? The beauty of the process I developed and use for myself (and clients) is that it works fast. Getting clear and tuning in, declaring who you spiritual are (check out the quiz), and recognizing and removing those mortal mind blocks, hidden limiting beliefs that try to sneak in, and mentally kicking them out…works every time đŸ™‚

What’s keeping you from making a decision or causing you to regret one? Is is real? Or is it something else?

Until next time…

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