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Alumni Spotlight – Life Purpose Institute

My daughter and I just got back from visiting my son at college for his big regional swim meet.  I am so grateful I have the life and business that allows me the ability to travel when and where I want whenever I want.  One big reason it’s been so easy for me to travel so freely is because of the results I’ve achieved in my business and it all started after I attended the Life Purpose Institute.

My experience coaching began while I was working in Corporate. While I loved my job for a long time, I always had this deep desire to own my own successful business that also helped others.  Being in the Strategic Communications, Training and Development arena initially introduced me to evidenced based coaching, and leadership coaching inside the corporate sector, but I found I was still seeking something more. I had a deep yearning to help others and decided that by going through the Life Purpose coaching certification I could learn more about myself and in turn use it to help others. 

Finally, after nearly 10 years of trying to juggle both a demanding corporate job and trying to run a side business I finally, “retired” from the corporate world.  I now run a highly successful coaching and consulting company where we are disrupting the industry through the art of speaking. Whether it is on a big stage, online, in a workshop, seminar or at a networking event, our unique Speak to Inspire Method™ gives heart-centered entrepreneurs a new way to connect and attract their dream clients. 

I often get asked by new coaches how I built my business.  In the beginning, I created my first six (6) figures through high end VIP clients through heart based one to one networking, in person and on LinkedIn and Facebook.  After that, I really found myself wanting to help even more people, so I held I my first retreat and then created a group program. I filled my group program by speaking. Both in person and online…  

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