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Diahana has provided consulting services with entrepreneurial startups, Fortune 500 Executives, Real Estate Firms, small businesses and other service professionals across multiple industries.  With over 20 years in corporate and building two successful businesses of her own, her experience and expertise has helped businesses from around the world.

She has helped her clients define, clarify, communicate and execute their vision, build and lead teams, generate significant revenue and profit leaps, automate and streamline using technology and implement Harmonious CEO strategies, freedom and flexibility.

Now she works privately with a few select Visionary Leaders as their Chief Vision Officer (CVO).  As a member of their executive team, she helps to lead the strategic communications, vision execution, project management and strategy so that all are aligned in a way that creates a monumental experience, before, during and after every event, resulting in significant profit leaps and momentum.


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Vision & Strategic Communications

Making an impact, driving consistent results and inspiring others comes down to authentically and powerfully sharing your vision.  Ensuring all aspects of what you’re creating (events, retreats, experiences) is aligned with your vision and goals. This is the work that allows everything else to fall into place.

Sales & Marketing Machine - Consistency, Branding and Execution

You want to change more lives, connect more with people, and have a positive imact on the world in a way that also drives results for your business. Working directly with your team and with other speakers at your event(s) we’ll cover how to create consistency, execute flawlessly and create momentum in a way that’s aligned with your vision.

Action Taker
Innovation and Standing Out

Visionary Leaders are trend setters, pioneers and like to stand out from the crowd.  We will design your strategy so that you can grow the business and be regarded as a thought leader in your industry

Resources Goal Setting, Quarterly Planning and Resources

Full access to my mobile app, online systems and tools for creating AND executing. Learn our top technology must haves  that help accelerate growth including inside secrets into how we run our team plus access to my personal CTO (Chief Technical Officer)

Accountability Cheerleader Strategic Project Management

Overseeing the execution of all aspects of your communications and events.  Timeline, action items, and deliverables, as a member of your team I serve as the overall point person between the hotel, meeting planner, and you as the Visionary Leader before, during and after the event.  Including being on site for the events and overseeing the on-site, “run of show”.

Diahana has helped me to streamline my business and working with my team. I feel empowered because Diahana’s Heart Centered approach does just that – it reminds me to be in my hear as I have conversations with people. And that is just where I want to expand my business from, my heart!

Susan Burrell

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