Corporate Consulting

Your Event. Only Better.

The difference between an ordinary event and an Extra-Ordinary one is how your Breakout Speakers show up. Our proven speaking movel and years of experience creates that, "Best Event Ever!" event that ties to long term results.

Diahana has provided consulting services with entrepreneurial startups, Fortune 500 Executives, Real Estate Firms, small businesses and other service professionals across multiple industries.  With over 20 years in corporate and building two successful businesses of her own, her experience and expertise has helped businesses from around the world.

She has helped her clients define, clarify, communicate and execute their vision, build and lead teams, generate significant revenue and profit leaps, automate and streamline using technology and implement Harmonious CEO strategies, freedom and flexibility.

Now she works privately with a few select Visionary Leaders as their Chief Vision Officer (CVO).  As a member of their executive team, she helps to lead the strategic communications, vision execution, project management and strategy so that all are aligned in a way that creates a monumental experience, before, during and after every event, resulting in significant profit leaps and momentum.


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An Outstanding Event Requires Outstanding Speakers

Let's face it, your product Managers, Engineers, Subject Matter Experts, even some of your top Sales reps and Leaders, may not naturally be highly engaging on camera or on stage. In our interactive and hands on training, your speakers will learn strategies that will engage your audience.

Prepare Your Speakers for Success

Gone are the days of over stuffed PowerPoint slides and long presentations that lose your audience. Innovative times call for cutting edge speakers. Let’s make sure they’re ready. 

This in-depth program covers the entire process for speaking from preparation to execution.

Developed utilizing core foundational blended learning and e-learning models, hand on practice and application, our proven model will develop your speakers skills. 

1. Connect.

Connect with On Point Messaging. Give your speakers an edge with the ability to connect with the audience and integrate the vision from the main stage into every presentation

2. Engage

Create a Memorable Experience. Your audience will remember the key messages long after the event is over when your speakers know how to pull them in, in such a way that has them leaning in and taking notes

3. Interact

Inspire Action. 

Don’t underestimate the power of an inspiring call to action. This is one of the keys to long term lasting results. Imagine your vision carried across all teams, inspiring them to taking action months after the event, it all starts when each of your speakers align their session(s) to your vision and reinforce your core message.

4. Deliver

Structure. Format. Timing. 

These are the three key elements to creating a presentation that stands out and resonates. We teach a framework that allows for the ost impactful experience

5. Presence


Empower your speakers to take it to the next level using on camera and on stage best practices. Even more than what you wear, mastering stage presence includes how your speakers show up and embody the companies core values

The Training Experience

Delivered live and online over the course of three(3) days in a web-conferencing environment - your breakout speakers will receive custom feedback, hands on practice, along with a clear action plan, tools and resources

Customized Coaching

Each of your speakers will receive customized coaching and feedback.  We’ll identify areas where they excel and opportunities for growth


Role Play and Hands On Practice

Speakers are expected to, “stand up and deliver” practicing their new skills before your big event


Strategic Action Plan

Each participant will create a strategic action plan for perfecting their presentation that is focused o the key outcomes and vision of the event. 

Why Us

Over the last 15 years Diahana Barnes and the LearnEASE, LLC team has been empowering thought leaders and business owners with the knowledge and skills they need to build successful businesses. Using proven eLearning and Blended learning foundational instructional design taught by ATD and training magazine, we provide a learning certification experience that leads to measurable results in creating a profitable online presence.