Create a Positive Mindset – 4 Simple Changes You Can Make Today!

As CEO-minded women, we get A LOT thrown our way! Owning your own business and rocking your world is incredible and one of the greatest accomplishments but, it doesn’t mean it’s always easy. Sometimes, personal life runs over to work life, and work life runs over to personal and suddenly it just feels like one big blur.

If you are starting to get overwhelmed and you can feel your stress level rising everyone time someone says, “got a minute?” (I bet sometimes you just want to yell, “NOO!” at the top of your lungs). Trust me, I get it, I’ve been there and it’s not a great feeling.

It doesn’t mean you don’t LOVE your business, your life or your family – but geez we are all human at some point, and that really is okay. But what it DOES mean is you need harmony and balance back in your life.

How can you do that exactly? By creating a POSITIVE MINDSET through these 4 simple changes…  

  • Surround yourself with positive people.

It is astounding how quickly you adopt habits, mindsets and behaviors from the people we are surrounded by. To change your life through positive thinking you need to be deliberate in who you spend your time with.

This doesn’t mean you have to cut out people completely but limit your time with people who aren’t supportive of you and don’t help you gain peace and perspective.

  • Treat yourself with respect and care.

Taking care of yourself is one of the most important parts of maintaining a health mindset even when life seems to go wrong or every day stress takes over. Taking care of YOURSELF FIRST is the key ingredient to successfully taking care of everything and everyone else.

Sleep – Make sure you get enough sleep each night to take on your day at your best. When modern life takes over its easy to let your sleep habits slip. You will always be equipped to handle whatever the day throws at you with a good night’s rest.

Eat Healthy – Fuel your body with health foods and you’ll feel a tremendous shift in your energy levels through the day.

Exercise – This could even be a walk at lunchtime or a quick ab workout routine in the morning. Exercise is the most amazing medicine to change your mood and attitude for the whole day.

Down Time – Finding down time can be challenging but you need to make it a priority and build it into your day. If you give yourself sometime to be “off” than you will be that much better when you are “on.”

  • Journal about your feelings

Making a daily journal part of your habits can allow you to really work out your feelings or frustrations in a way that will help you identify what’s happening and find a solution and an action plan. The physical act of writing out your feelings can change your perspective entirely and help you figure out what is actually happening and what to do about it.

  • Just say no. And set boundaries

This can be really hard, but it’s SO important. Getting comfortable with saying no is life changing. If you need some quiet time to yourself but your friends are all going out, tell them you can’t but you’ll go next time. Or maybe your client is pinging you for the 3rd time this week after hours, or you’re the go to person in your family to always help out. Saying no (or not now) and setting some boundaries is the only way build the life you want and not one by default. It’s critical to know your limits and put your harmony first. Trust me, you’ll be better for your family, friends and at your job if you do.

There you have it! This set of daily habits will allow you to create a positive mindset to find the balance and harmony in every part of your beautiful, wonderful, but sometimes crazy, world.


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