Divinely Perfect

Last weekend I held my Divine Swagger retreat here in Oregon.  To be honest, I was kinda stressed about it.  I was worried as a retreat leader about the overall experience, and spent a sleepless night (or two) thinking about it all.

But God always sends us exactly what we need when we need it

And this weekend was no different.

You see, this was my first full blown retreat with people flying in, hotel rooms, food, an excursion, brand new content, spiritual activations and healing work combined into one event.

My word for 2018 has been Trust, and this event truly embodied and challenged me to do just that.

And – it was perfect. 

Not in the sense that everything went along perfectly. 

Things definitely didn’t go as planned; I ended up changing parts of the agenda on day 2 and 3, allowing God to guide me. 

The room was so freezing cold so we had to bundle up until the heaters kicked in, jumping up and down and wrapped in blankets.  However, it was a perfect thing that one of my gifts was a blanket that I’d planned to be used for a visualization.  That came in pretty darn handy 🙂 

Unbeknownst to my participants I nearly ran out of flip chart paper with only 1 sheet left to spare and an activity I thought would go at least an hour, only took 30 minutes.  

Can you say, “harmonious pivot!”

It was perfect in the sense that the exact right people were there, we were challenged in the perfect way for each of us, allowing love, light and transformation into each of us.

We laughed, we cried, we triggered deep emotions, we healed, we grew, we set our visions as Harmonious CEOs of our business and laid the groundwork for big shifts and receiving success.  

We married the spiritual part of ourselves with practical business components taking ourselves and our businesses to a higher level.  

And we were held in Divine Love the entire time.  We left with Divine Swagger instilled in each of us, which really is what it’s all about.

Are you in need of some of your own Divine Swagger right now?  Maybe you’re planning for 2019 realizing you’re ready for some help?  Want to fill a group program, run a challenge, step up your spiritual game so that you can easily attract new money and new clients?

God sent me Jami, Susan, Olga, Emily and Brandy and it was perfect.  I’m already planning the next one for early 2019.  Thinking you might want to be a part of it?  Tell me more about it!

Because sometimes mortal mind messes with your to do list and things don’t go as planned.

But Divine Love doesn’t make mistakes.  It is, in reality, perfect.  

And that means being ok with things not totally going the way you plan, and allowing Spirit to guide instead.  

If you have this inkling to build something more, a desire to empower people, to fully express your spiritual self and make money
I want to know more!

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