Do You Believe in Business Miracles?

Hanging out in the airport this morning waiting for my flight. I’m off to work with a client today and while I wait I’m preparing some juicy experiences for the Divine Swagger I’m leading next week.

What do you want in your business right now? Next month? Next year?

Now, what if you were to totally allow yourself to daydream about your business? What’s in your heart?

What would a business miracle look like for you?

Last April I was someone else’s retreat participant, dreaming about what could be for my business.

Struggling at the time, I didn’t have everything I wanted in my business. I wanted sales to be easy. I wanted clients to just sign up. I wanted money to flow in consistently and easily.

Inside I was in turmoil. Outside I probably looked like I had it all together ? ?

I was struggling with my confidence.

I was worrying about how to do sales conversations.

I was comparing myself to others I thought were doing better than me – thinking to myself, “if I can just figure it all out like so-in-so, I’ll be successful”

I was trying all kinds of marketing stuff, and nothing was really landing.



I actually thought I was trusting God. On the surface of my mind I believed I was.

But once I looked closely I realized I actually wasn’t fully trusting.

When you surrender to Spirit, open your heart, heal your fears, miracles come in.

How do I know? Because that’s what happened to me.

That retreat changed the direction of my business. In allowing someone else to guide me, totally trusting her healing abilities, stepping out of what was in my head I was able to receive.

We did stuff I didn’t understand. Spiritual activations and exercises that didn’t make sense to me at the time.

I surrendered. I trusted. And that allowed me to open myself up and heal.

That’s when I received a business miracle.

After that retreat- Clients started falling into my lap. Calling me out of the blue asking to work with me.

Sales became easy. Money started coming in consistently and it hasn’t stopped.

I didn’t change my sales process. I didn’t implement a new marketing strategy.


And that’s exactly what my retreat is all about. 2 1/2 days of marrying the spiritual with the practical.

I’ve trained to do for you what my teacher did for me – I can guide you.

? Exercises that will give you confidence and your own Divine Swagger
? Healing hidden fears and what’s secretly sabotaging your success
? Unlocking your unique Divine Sales Blueprint

So that you can surrender, heal, and receive your hearts desire.

If this speaks to you, there’s still time.

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