Do You Ever Question Your Success?

I took most of today off to spend some time with my daughter and her friend exploring Oregon. But before heading out, I was feeling inspired to ask…

Do you ever feel like you’re not as successful as you “think” you should be?

Do thoughts like…

– I should have more clients by now
– She’s got ______ in her business already (why don’t I)
– Why haven’t I hit (insert xx milestone here)
– I need to be…
– I don’t quite know (what I’m doing yet)

…ever seep into your mind and make you feel less than?

Honey – I’m here to share with you; it’s all Divine timing.

You are exactly where you’re meant to be on your journey.

Not too long ago I was lost. I felt confused. I was frustrated.

I’d planned a retreat and hardly anyone signed up (at least not the 12 people I wanted to). My business wasn’t where I wanted it to be.

I felt like I was doing everything “right” but the results I wanted still weren’t there.

(Note they were the results I wanted, not what I was trusting to be)

I didn’t understand how with my daily prayers and spiritual alignment with God this could happen and it began to affect me physically.

Then I realized I needed to let go of my attachment to my perception of success and fully give it over to God and TRUST Divine timing.

I recalibrated my thinking and took a hard look at my thoughts. Every time something negative popped up I’d say to myself, “is this thought from God, who embraces all in perfect harmony?”

If the answer was no, I quickly changed the thought. AND I kept taking heart centered action in my business.

Next thing I knew I had a new client “fall” into my lap. Then another…resulting in one of my biggest monthsever in my career (now and when I was in corporate) fueling a powerful and consistent long-term monthly income smack dab in summer, while spending a lot of time traveling and with family.

Talk about being the Harmonious CEO of my business – wow!

My point? Trust God. Trust who you are, where your going and take spiritually aligned actions. All is Divine timing and you are already successful.


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