Healing + Coaching = Success

It has been one of the most amazing weeks of my life.  Starting with a getaway weekend with my hubby in Seattle.  Then I was off to Sedona to work with my spiritual teacher and business coach on my own inner self, expanding in different healing modalities and doing some coaching work too. 

If I’ve learned one thing over the past 6 months and this week; It’s that in order to have success you need to do inner healing and coaching work.

This is the second time I’ve been led to uncover hidden blocks secretly sabotaging my success..  Major transformation and revelations came to me along with strategies and new ways to help my own clients.

While my intention was to receive training certifications in healing modalities so that I could better serve my clients, it ended up being so much more.

The mountains, hiking, working with my coach and tuning in, gave me the space to lean on her and face who I was and how I was being.

I discovered, I’m a fixer.  Always trying to “fix” what’s going on around me. (sound familiar?)

And inside that discovery I came face to face with my deepest fear.

A fear so hidden I didn’t even realize how it was sabotaging me, my family, my business, my life.  I couldn’t see it on my own.  It took someone else guiding me along the way.

The symptom was me being a fixer.  The cause was my deep seeded fear of losing. Losing my mother, family, friends, money, clients. In my fear of losing, I was living in a state of fixing. Because of my fear, I tried to fix. 

And it was costing me dearly.

It cost me as a child, I was so afraid of losing a particular friend, I ended up giving away (and regretting it) a family heirloom to a childhood friend.

It cost me friendships.  Pushing away good friends in college when they tried to get too close.

It cost me clients, where I would compromise my pricing and my services that resulted in me sending negative vibes so that they ended up saying “no” anyway. 

And it’s cost me money, investing in unnecessary programs, training’s, ebooks (you name it), all in my efforts to “fix” and not to lose.

Once I became present and aware of this fear, I was able to recognize and heal it.

On the Other side of fear is confidence, clarity contentment.

– Confidence attracts clients.

– Clarity gives you focus. Money loves focus.

– Contentment is contagious, and draws people to you

On the other side of fear is choice. The ability to choose to be different.  To live and work without fear, to not have an overwhelming need to fix.

And I never could have reached this state on my own.

Healing + Coaching = Success 

Are you ready for your own transformational healing and coaching experience?  The breakthrough and healing is there waiting for you and it’s soooo juicy!

What are your goals for the next 12 months? What’s your dream for your business?

Do you want to attract clients and make more money?

What would you do if you had that? Would you travel to places like Sedona?  What would you do, or buy your family for the holidays? 

What are the steps you need to take now in order to get there?  If you keep doing what you’re doing will it happen?  Is it possible you have secret fears sabotaging your success?

If you’re ready to experience your own healing in order to attract the clients, money and be the Harmonious CEO of your business then I invite you to work with me.

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The healing work along with the business coaching – This is the core part of the work that I do so that you can attract clients, make money, touch lives.

Are you ready to say yes?

Share it with me and let’s get you started!

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