Heart-Centered Marketing is HOT!

I had so much fun this past week sharing about Heart-Centered Networking on LinkedIn with an amazing group of entrepreneurs. I’m a business coach, not a LinkedIn expert, so I shared from the heart exactly what worked for me – taking me from a blank and empty calendar to one packed with an average of 5+ calls a week with my ideal clients that I CHOSE.

And you know what I learned?

Heart-Centered strategies are HOT!


Because when we allow ourselves to let go and trust our heart the whole of us shines through…

That’s what attracts clients and the money that fuels our business, changes lives, gives us the freedom to travel, give to charity, and fulfill our dreams.

After staring at my own blank calendar, desperate for new leads, wishing for a solution to find, connect and reach out to potential clients in an authentic (but fast) way. I created this easy to follow process using LinkedIn.

I’m sharing it all in FIND, CONNECT & BOOK! with LinkedIn

Want to do the same?

Join us in the FIND, CONNECT & BOOK! LinkedIn free 5-Day Challenge –we will dive into the exact method I use on LinkedIn to create relationships and connections that filled my calendar with calls with potential clients, got me featured on podcasts, shows, speaking gigs, referrals, and more.

It all starts on May 13! Register below to join us – it’s free


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