How Are You Getting New Clients?

I know that when I was first growing my business I was always looking for new creative ways to find clients. Are you wondering where to find more clients?

There are tons of options! The key is to find 2-3 that really resonate with you, your style and your business and focus on that.

But First and foremost! Set your intention and align spiritually. I cannot emphasize this enough!

When you are out of alignment, it won’t matter what you do, it will likely be a waste of time and you won’t get the results you’re looking for.

This is exactly what happened to me. I was so out of alignment I was totally distracted by what I thought I , “should” do or what, “everyone” else was doing.

And once I got into alignment is was easy to know what to do. This can be true for you too. You’ll know what feels good and right for you and your biz and where your ideal clients are most likely to find you. Building your business and finding your next clients should be fun and exciting!

Once you’ve done your mindset work, and removed any mortal mind errors/blocks that are preventing you from receiving, you’re ready to go!

Sales & Marketing should be based on your own style. So if doing a Facebook live doesn’t sound fun, don’t do it. There are plenty of ways to get visible that will fit more into your personal style.

Here’s a list of a few ideas:

  1. Reach out to a local PTA or Charity Organizations that need donations for a silent auction.  Schools, the booster club, charities like the Lions or Moose Lodge are always looking for silent or not so silent auction donations. Here you would create a basket or envelope offering your product or service where people can bid on it and you donate some of the proceeds to the charity.  The caveat here is to make sure you get the full list of everyone that bids, not just the winner, so you can reach out and follow up.
  2. Speaking and Workshops – *Success Story*one gal emailed several non-profits asking about doing a workshop for them. She heard back from the local YMCA that they were looking for someone to do 1:1 coaching, help with a leader retreat and maybe a development program – Wowsie!
  3. Everyday interactions – standing in line, parties, social events.  When I first started my coaching business I used to carry around business cards that had a free breakthrough session “coupon” on the back and I would write down the name and number of who I gave it to and follow up. I did get clients this way.
  4. Network on LinkedIn – everyone is a buzz about Facebook but for me reaching out on LinkedIn has been wonderful. You can search for your ideal clients, ask them to connect and send a heart-felt message.  I’ve booked 3-5 calls a day doing this strategy.​
  5. Run a challenge – everyone loves a challenge. I did mine on Facebook and it more than tripled my email list and created a bunch of interest in my healing & coaching programs.

What’s keeping you from taking inspired action? Let’s Chat!

I can show you how to align spiritually, remove those errors, mortal mind, what’s blocking you and execute the perfect strategy that will get you clients right away. In Divine Love’s eyes, you already have clients just waiting for you to see and reach out to them.

Let’s talk!

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