How My Business Cured My Fear of the Dentist

A little secret about me…I’m terrified of the dentist.

So much so that I will put off going for YEARS. (Yuck, I know, right?)

A trip to the Dentist this past week has totally changed that. As I was walking into the office for a deep cleaning I mentally decided I was going to have an amazing experience. I was going to take a stand and heal my fear.

Leaning back in the chair, with that water pick-y thing wizzzing and squirting in my mouth, I decided to be passionately strong in my spiritual mindset and verbally mumbled to the Hygienist, “Wow this is like a mini massage for my teeth” while in my mind I thought and felt, “this feels good, like a deep tissue massage on my gums.”

I can honestly say the whole experience was actually relaxing, fun and I can’t wait to got back (Shocking to me and her)

But isn’t that exactly how it can be in our businesses as well?

We are The Harmonious CEO’s of our business.

We can control how we think, how we act and what we bring into our experience.

We do not have to give in to popular beliefs, fears, mortal mind, or errors that try to block us from our success.

Suggestions like,

“We’re not good enough, we can’t get paid that much, we need more experience” have no place in our thoughts.

That’s not who we are (spiritually speaking). Not me, not you.

Like my fear of the dentist, are you afraid? Wondering how you’ll fill your Program/Retreat/Calendar with clients? Are you saying to yourself, “This is hard and scary”. Or worried that you have to be pushy or will come across that way?

Guess what? None of that is true. None of that is who we truly spiritually are as heart centered entrepreneurs of our business.

We can take a stand and we can demonstrate total harmony.

That can look like easily attracting clients. Easily having consistency, easily filling a program, retreat or calendar. Where sales and marketing are fun.

Best of all – This can translate into all areas of your life.

We can have a dream business that makes money and has all the fun and flexibility we want.

I’ve developed an executive program that will help you design your dream business. If you’re interested in a little more information you’re invited to submit an application or just reply to this email and I’ll send you some additional information.

Apply today and let’s see where it takes us

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