How to Create a Demo

Today we are going to dive into how to create a demo of yourself, in a way that enrolls clients.

How do you create a demo that enrolls a client? When I was in the corporate world for years. I was in the SaaS (software-as-a-service) industry. I worked for Zoom’s biggest competitor. The number one way they would enroll clients is to give a taste of our business and our service – and we did that through a demo.

Once I left that world and transitioned to my own coaching and consulting business I realized that same concept, that same kind of “demo” of you applies in the consulting space too and it works beautifully. I’ve applied it to my own business and I teach it to my clients: those that go through my Elite program in the Speak to Inspire certification, we really dive into how to create an experience or a demo so that clients easily get to know you.

Now I’m going to give you three ways to create a demo of yourself in your business.

#1. Give an in-person type experience (online). This can be a Facebook live or in a workshop type format over Zoom, the goal is to give some kind of experience of what working with you looks like. It can be an exercise that you do with people or meditation that you do, an activity where you have to get out a piece of paper and write something down…the sky’s the limit of what you can do. 

#2. In an email. How do you give someone a demo of you over email? Here is an example you can try. I’m going to encourage you to be different and stand out from everybody else. For example, when someone asks something of you; you have a freebie, you have an ebook, you have a gift, you have something to drive them to your website.

The key is to stand out beyond what everybody else is doing with that freebie. Here’s an example, I have a free download – it’s in my private group on Facebook and it’s called the, “Harmony Core Process”. You go in, you type in your name, then it shows up in your email box.

What makes this, “demo” email different is it puts you into a unique drip campaign. I’m happy to do a training on that another time, but generally this means usually there’s a couple of emails that lead to something. For example, a call, or a product that you’re offering or a service that you have.

What makes mine different – I do that’s a demo of me – is I actually give two or three more free things in the sequence of email before I get to the end where I’m offer to book a call or let’s talk about my certification program. It’s different from most coaches and consultants’ freebie drip campaigns because they typically jump straight to the call, not offering value or something indicative of their style…their personality. I love to share worksheets. I love to help people on their Journey with workbooks, worksheets, strategies, things like that. So they’re getting a demo of me over email sharing and knowing…they’re getting an experience of me. 

#3 Pre-Recorded Video. You can create a demo of yourself for your clients through a pre-recorded video. This means you can pre-record it in the comfort of your own home or with your phone and either upload it on your website, put it on your blog, you can do it on a Facebook or Instagram story,

It could be a quick little video, a mini demo of yourself recorded and uploaded somewhere. Video, is how you can give potential clients and experience of you that you can upload on your platform.

For example, I have a client who’s super powerful at leading guided meditation. It’s totally genius. So what she does is he will record a mini guided meditation and sometimes you can do it live to and then use the recording that’s an example of an experience of her.

Those are the three ways off the top of my head. Short, succinct, but flavorful taste of what working with you can look like. Feel free to share with other Visionary Leaders who are looking to create a powerful online presence that signs up new clients.

When it come to sharing what working with you looks like, what would you do? Live video, email, pre-recorded? Leave me a comment and share

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