Intuition = Clients!

The sun’s shining, birds chirping, air is fresh and clear. I see the gardening team mowing the lawn, and they stop politely and graciously as I walk by. Staff happily greet me hello as I pass and I think to myself, this is amazing. This is what a 5 star hotel in California is like. This is a VIP experience.

My heart tingles as I approach the boardroom my team has organized for the day. Where the sign says, “Diahana Barnes Coaching” and the room is all set and ready for my VIP client and her team.

This is her dream come true and mine. I find myself more excited and happy for her and the growth she’s seen in her business and for what’s to come.

It all started when I followed my intuition. On an intuitive whim, I got the nudge to join a book club. That book club led to a retreat. That retreat led me to join a group coaching program. That program introduced me to my now VIP client.

You know those insights you get? That ‘feeling’ you have…(I think of them as whispers from God/Spirit/Universe), follow them. Even when they don’t make sense.

Because when you follow your God-inspired intuition it can turn into a VIP coaching day at a 5 star hotel and spa. Where you’re sharing your insights and expertise with a VIP client, outlining her upcoming launch, working with her team and sharing your expertise on her entrepreneurial leadership strengths are and how to fully use them.

Are you ready to work with your own VIP clients? I’m revealing the exact method I use to connect with potential clients, create relationships that got me featured on podcasts, FB shows, speaking gigs, referrals and more.

It’s all happening in the upcoming 5-Day Challenge:

FIND, CONNECT & BOOK! with LinkedIn

You’re invited to join us! Thinking in your head, “this isn’t for me” but inside your intuition saying yes? Do it! It’s free, it’s fun!

Sign up for: FIND, CONNECT & BOOK!

You’ll learn:

Day1 – LinkedIn ATTRACT: 4 Things you MUST DO to attract clients on LinkedIn
Day 2 – LinkedIn LEAD MANIA: Hot Spots for Connecting with YOUR BEST Leads
Day 3 – LinkedIn LEAD GEN: The Secret Sauce to Filling your calendar fast
Day4 – LinkedIn LESSONS LEARNED: The #1 Thing that can ruin it all and how to avoid it

It all starts on May 13! Register today! – it’s free

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