Is Mortal Mind Blocking You?

This week I wanted to talk about Mortal Mind, and is Mortal Mind blocking you from receiving.

I have a friend Katie – who is a coach and she is really focused on getting new clients right now. She has some but wants more and she was sharing with me how she wants more clients but in the same breath she started talking about this thing that was on Facebook and how it was distracting her. And it was so crystal clear to me from the 30K foot level looking down that there we so many of these clients that God/Spirit really wanted and had for her. I could see who she spiritually was, I could see these clients that were attracted to her I could see that people wanted to work with her, but she was so blocked by this wall of what was going on on Facebook that she couldn’t see these clients trying to reach out to her. She was so focused and distracted, she put up her own mental block.

That block is mortal mind. Mortal mind will come and try to prevent you from whatever it is that you’re trying to accomplish. Spirit/God whatever the Universe wants to give to you abundantly and in fact already is right now. But little things will come up to try and distract you. We are all meant to serve and doing what we are called to do and God wants to support us and is support us. But mortal mind is going to come in and try to distract you from doing the work we are meant to and if you can see that wall then you can break it down.

You can say, “nope! Don’t do that”, and that’s what the Harmony Core Process™ does. You can follow those 7 steps, tune in and particularly around outsting. Outsting mortal mind, error, just be really aware because it can show up in so many ways. It can show up as an argument with someone, right. It’s not necessarily that the argument isn’t legit something is trying to disrupt your harmony.

It could be something on facebook, it could be something in the political realm, could be something on tv, it could be your environment, it could be the weather, it could be your laptop fritzing out. Just be aware and you can use that process to overcome it.

Because all the good that your meant to do, and all the things that you’re meant to receive are right there waiting for you. God is providing, the Universe is providing, Spirit is providing for you right now.

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions. Download my Harmony Core Process workbook here:

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