My Secret for Attracting Clients and Taking Lots of Time Off

Whew! The move is almost complete. In case you didn’t know, we just moved from one state to another, dogs, mom-in-law, all in tow. It was super smooth, easy. and light! Exactly the way I intended it to be as the #HarmoniousCEO of my business.

When I left the corporate world I did so for two reasons:

1. I saw precious time with my family slipping away and I refused to miss another swim meet or volleyball game. I wanted to be home so that when my daughter forgot her lunch and called I could easily say, “sure I’ll drop it off, no problem”. My kids were becoming teenagers and for me that was the most crucial time to be home.

2. I had a calling and a dream. I wanted to help people and I dreamed of flexible, fun and easy business. I wanted to prove that corporate wasn’t the only way to be successful. I’d flirted with my coaching business, started it in 2006, but never quite made it my total focus.

The funny irony was, I was terrified of having sales conversations. Ironic since in the corporate world I was an award winning trainer (teaching new hire sales reps), I led a sales team that generated multi-millions of dollars in sales in a year (like $40 Million which is crazy).

Yet here I was full time in my coaching business (finally!) and totally scared of the sales part. HILARIOUS :/

I did EVERYTHING under the sun to attract clients without “selling”. I hired a coach. Set up a website. Created a funnel. Started a Facebook group. Posted to social media. Wrote blog posts. Sent emails to my list. Held a free challenge. And the list goes on…

The truth was I was going through a transitional growth spurt where I had to look inward, turn to God, listen, love, and learn to be who I truly was inside. And here’s the thing…fear can be healed. Quickly or slowly depending on how much you want it.

Here’s what I learned.

The one thing you are most afraid of doing is the exact thing that will grow your business beyond your wildest dreams.

The fear of sales (or really the fear of anything in your biz) can be reversed by looking inside, seeing the fear for what it really is and to use your innate spiritual gifts to heal.

Here is what was true for me.

=>I was afraid of what people would think
=>I was confused about what value I offered
=>I was terrified to reach out and meet new people
=> I was unsure of what to say during a call (in a way that wasn’t being sales-y or pushy)

=> And if they said yes, yikes! I didn’t actually know what my day to day coaching would look like
=>I didn’t know who exactly I wanted to work with
=>I was worried I would end up sacrificing my family for my business

Once I faced exactly what was holding me back, I was able to reframe, claim my spiritual gifts, heal my fear, and feel great about my business.

I was able to think clearly, jump in, and using my talent and experience created an easy heart-centered process that got real results. So much so that within a week I was overwhelmed by the number of calls I was booking.

I developed my program on a page that made my calls easy, and follow-up fun that had my ideal clients saying “Yes! I want that. I want to work with you”

Using this new process to connect authentically in a way that was easy, light and fun totally changed how my business looks.

Now I’m #TheHarmoniousCEO of my business that…

=>Easily books 3-5 calls a day with ideal clients – whenever I feel like it
=>Attracts clients and they say “YES”
=>Attract more of the EXACT ideal clients I want to work with
=>Feels 110% confident in my offerings and their value
=>Works less, yet I make more
=>Moves, travels, and has an amazing business

I have total freedom to work when I want, where I want, with whom I want and I love it because I get to do it with light and ease, and there isn’t the slightest fear of feeling sales-y or pushy.

AND I want this for you this summer! That is why I created Heart-Centered Sales SUMMER School.

Because like me, I saw coaches and healers struggling with:

**How to book calls consistently
**What do say on those callsm so that they say “yes”
**How to follow up

Announcing the official opening of Heart-Centered Sales SUMMER School

It’s a simple heart based Sales model that gets results fast

Without feeling sales-y or pushy

If you are ready to ditch any hidden fears that are sabotaging your success and are ready ready for more clients – You need Heart-Centered Sales SUMMER School!

I’m literally launching this while unpacking from a move, enjoying the summer and totally in harmony. My business is light and easy because I choose to have it be that way.

Plus I have an amazing system for booking new clients whenever I want. Now it’s easy and fun to have sales conversations and I do them effortlessly. It’s like having a conversation with a new friend 🙂

If that sounds like something you’d want in your business then Heart-Centered Sales SUMMER School is the virtual business holiday you NEED to book new clients with ease!

Read More About Heart-Centered Sales SUMMER School Here

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