My Top 5 Techie Must Have’s

This week I was a guest host in a private FB Group where I shared my Top 5 Techie Must Haves.  They are all top ones I use regularly in my business and love, love, love! The feedback was so great I thought I’d share here.

So here you go, recapped here below:

My Top 5 Techie Must Haves

#1. – Adobe Spark.  Move over Canva, Adobe Spark is in town!  Many of you know that my 12 year old daughter helps me with some of my inspirational social media images (hey what can I say, I’m a master at delegating) and since I discovered Adobe Spark now it’s easier than ever.

The simplicity and elegance, plus the way it automatically sizes images for facebook, twitter, youtube, even letter size for the workbooks I give to clients, all look amazing and professional and branding is a snap! Gotta love that.

#2 – Save to Pocket.  I was turned onto this little cutie of an app years ago by another entrepreneurial friend and it is such a timesaver!  I use the chrome plugin, plus the app on my iphone & ipad.

I use it to save ideas for blog posts, videos I like, images, and more.

#3 – BombBomb email.  If you’ve been on my email list, participated in my Money Harmony Challenge, or taken my Spiritual Attributes Quiz – You’ve experiencing BombBomb first hand with me.  This email was composed using this amazing video email system.

Now, I’ve done a TON of email marketing in my life (corporate and as an entrepreneur) and I have to say, BombBomb is well, “da bomb!”  Besides beautiful emails that can include video if you want, the analytics are great, forms, segmenting, drip campaigns, it has all the goodies.

Full disclosure – my link is a referral link, the last time I referred someone I got a cute t-shirt, so hey, who doesn’t love that 🙂

#4 – 22Social.  Now if you participated in my recent Money Harmony Business Challenge or took advantage of the Gratitude Giveaway I offered last week, you’ve seen 22Social in action.  I’ve been a fan for several years and this neat little app creates custom tabs inside your Facebook Business Page for a variety of things.

It has so many uses!  Showcase pretty much anything.  I use it for my Spiritual Attributes Quiz and soon I’ll use it as my delivery platform for a networking on LinkedIn program.

Full disclosure – the 22social link is also a referral link.  You don’t have to use it if you don’t want to.  You can find them easily in a google search or on Facebook.

#5Interact Quiz Maker.  If you’re ever wanting to create a quiz, interactive quiz maker is my favorite. It has a great visual component that I have not seen in other quiz apps.  It is easy to use and fun. Want to see it in action? Feel free to take my spiritual attribute quiz or go ahead and hop on over to their website and you can try the free version.

I hope you enjoyed these tips!

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