Palm Springs, Malibu, and Mindset

I cannot believe how fast time flies! 

What a roller coaster joy ride since I quit my full time job back in January to spend more time with my family. Inspired recently by a former colleague to consider coaching and consulting, even though I have had my own business on the side since 2006, I’ve decided that now is the time to build my brand as a Sales and Business Coach for women.

In my 20+ years in corporate I have trained hundreds of new sales reps, have been in charge of almost too many to count – sales kick off meetings and lead highly successful sales teams. Now I’ve taken all of that experience and turned it into a structured sales solution.

I help ambitious entrepreneurial women who have left the corporate world to build their own business, want to go big with their revenue, fill their calendars with clients and get rock solid confidence in selling so they can stop stressing and have a fun and flexible business and life!

Since making this decision just a few short weeks ago I have been watching my dreams come true and each morning I do really pinch myself! I travel regularly to Oregon to visit my Dad and nearly every day I get to walk my daughter to school with my husband and dog.   Cute huh?

A week or so ago I met my web designer in Malibu for lunch by the beach. She flew in from N.Y. and we had a great time reviewing and planning. It is a rough life when you have to have a business meeting overlooking the ocean… I know, right?

Then, I headed off to a two day coaching retreat with six other trend setting Entrepreneurial women and our business coach for a weekend in Palm Springs filled with networking, strategic planning and learning. It was an amazing jam-packed weekend where we really dove into our businesses.

For me it was so inspiring and rewarding as I was able to help others break through fear and limiting beliefs and face some of my own. I realized as I was surrounded by these amazing women, that even super-uber successful women have moments of doubt.

However, when you embrace who you are, and surround yourself with others that believe in you and your success that’s when the magic happens. That’s when you are more easily able to see through the muck that’s gotten in the way of your vision and take the steps necessary to stretch towards your goals.

So if you have a song in your heart or a goal that seems crazy or impossible, I’m here to tell you it’s not.  If I can do it, you can do it.

Even better – we can do this together 🙂

Stay tuned for more from me and my upcoming launch of

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