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What do Diahana's raving fans have to say?

”What really resonated with me during my time with Diahana attending The Harmony Retreat was the relaxed yet focused environment she provided. I was able to share in a way that on the surface seemed so casual, but the questions she asked brought me to conclusions to help shift my thinking. The visualization she held left me with a clear picture of my gremlin, and this feeling of empowerment to kick it to the curb!  I ended up manifesting $750 in less than 48 hours of working with her!"

Maggie Nazzario
Callavida Coaching

Diahana has helped me to streamline my sales conversation with new clients so that I don’t feel like I am groveling. I feel empowered now when I talk to potential clients because Diahana’s Heart Centered approach does just that - it reminds me to be in my heart as I have conversations with people. And that is just where I want to expand my business from, my heart!

Susan Burrell
Living Your Inspired Life

Before working with Diahana, I was struggling with some of my sales conversations and reach out. After one conversation, she quickly provided clarity and strategies. Her examples were so crystal clear that I was able to put them into play and started seeing immediate results”

Dawn Russell
Treats for Chickens

Before working with Diahana I was facing challenges around my sales process and effective networking strategies.  I chose Diahana because she's so good at marrying both the spiritual side and the practical side of business.  After just two sessions I am effectively converting leads to prospects and prospects to clients.

Angi Scibelli MacDonnell
Mom / Runner / Health Enthusiast / Entrepreneur

Diahana increased our visibility in areas we hadn’t considered before with great success. Diahana’s award winning strategy gained us top recognition by leaders in the industry resulting in 80% increase in new market exposure."

Barry Rhein
Selling Through Curiosity

Before working with Diahana, I was completely stuck. She helped me get clarity and focus.

Holi Kohls
Bariatric Success Coach & Food Mindset Mentor

Thanks a bundle Diahana.  I'm so happy that I can convert my leads now with your profound tip that you taught me in this coaching session.  You're a sales guru hun 🙂 "

Sera Zee
Sera Z. Desk VA

In my experience, there is nothing better & quicker than working, "one-on-one" with an experienced coach like Diahana; either business or social.

I tried to do too much myself.  Diahana helped me recognize that, she opened my eyes and helped me recognize my reluctance to, "let go" of myself and start including others as part of the leadership role I was in.  It was a fabulous winning experience in my life."

Carol Rand
One Stop Furnishings

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