Ready For Your Own Divine Swagger?

My daughter and I hopped on a plane Friday and went to visit my son at college this weekend.  It was a ton of fun!  I am so grateful I have the life and business that allows me the ability to travel when and where I want whenever I want.

One big reason it’s been so easy for me to travel financially speaking is because of the results I’ve seen in the last few months in my business.  

Have you ever had an experience so profound it completely impacted the results in your business?

For me…it all started at a retreat in Montana.  Feeling called to visit this beautiful place, I jumped at the opportunity to attend a retreat there.  Where, in saying yes to myself, I began to expand and cultivate the exact internal shift I needed to order to grow my business to the next level.

Now mind you, my business was doing o.k.  I was feeling pretty good, I had clients, I was taking action, doing sales calls, getting visible.  But deep down, I knew I was meant for more, bigger, better, more intimate relationships with clients and a deeper connection to God.  

I knew I was playing it a bit safe and I was pretty good with that.

Then…Montana.  I had to go.  I wanted to go.  I needed to go.  I didn’t fully know why, but I trusted my spiritual intuition and, so I said yes.  

Even though I’d actually just been to a pretty neat retreat only a month before, and felt pretty, “full up” of knowledge and insights I still decided to go, thinking to myself, “it’ll be fun, I’ll learn a few things, but really it’ll just be a nice getaway.”  


The healing shifts that happened at that retreat changed the trajectory of my business

I left a different person and the results are evidence. Within weeks I had multiple new clients, “fall into my lap”.  I published a book, launched a new FB Live show, got visible and opened my heart connections, had over $10K+ months and more.

My business would not be where it is today without the foundational spiritual healing and practical work we did at that retreat.

And I want the same for you.  Which is exactly why I created the, “Discover Your Divine Swagger” Retreat

What makes this retreat experience so profound is the healing spiritual work partnered with the practical.  

Because the only way you can hold space for someone else to grow is by holding it for yourself first.

Are your ready to catapult your own business AND transform lives? 

If you know deep down that you’re ready for more in your business – I have an invitation just for you.

Join me for the Discover Your Divine Swagger Retreat December 6-8th, 2018

This is for you if…

  • You know you are meant for more and are ready to marry the spiritual with the practical to attract clients

  • You are willing to face your gremlins and fears and kick them to the curb so that you can have massive growth in your business

  • You’re ready to stop undervaluing yourself and your services and step into your Divine Mojo!  Loving yourself and your business in a way that makes you a client attracting heart-centered magnet!

Space is super limited.  The resort only has 16 rooms and 3 spots are already filled. Check out the early bird pricing (you save $700) and amazing bonus’ valued at over $6000 today!

Because your time is now.  I believe in you. I’m ready for you.  

Are you ready for Divine Swagger?

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