Ready to Make 100K? $1,000,000?

It’s just another zero…

Happy New Year! It’s been a busy month coming out of the holidays, don’t you agree? When you sat down and outlined your goals for 2019 – did more clients and consistency make it to the top of the list?

How much money do you want to make in 2019?

$10,000 or $100,000 or $1,000,000 – it’s just another Zero

Whatever you want to make in your business it all comes down to three things:

  1. Divine Swagger – total confidence in who you are, what you have to offer and the value/impact that makes. Confidence attracts clients. Swagger sees the leap from $10,000 to $100,000 as just another zero – another number that’s easily added to the end of a goal
  2. Heart-centered Sales & Marketing – you’ve got to have a rock solid strategy that is perfect for you. This clarity gives you focus. Money loves focus
  3. Remove/Heal Blocks – Breaking through blocks and fear gives you contentment and a new way of be-ing. A fearlessness that is the new you. Contentment and fearlessness is contagious and draws people and opportunities to you

Are you ready to catapult your own business and transform lives?

Imagine what it will feel like to have total and complete confidence. You are unwavering in your value because you’ve clearly seen (and felt) that by holding back you’re actually preventing clients from coming in
Imagine having total clarity in how to share about your services so that clients easily say “yes!”

Imagine yourself dancing in your Divine Mojo! So clear on what your perfect sales and marketing strategy is and how to execute it that you consistently attract new clients and make money
Imagine total freedom. Bills are paid without stress, a hefty savings in the bank, and the ability to easily travel multiple times a year
That’s what you get when you work with me. One of the fastest and most profound ways to get deep and tangible results is through a VIP day with me.

A VIP Day with me includes my unique healing + coaching. You will receive insightful coaching partnered with practical strategies to grow your business. Combined with healing sessions that are incredibly powerful. This is where I guide you to clearly see your limiting blocks, remove them, AND integrate new energies and way of be-ing so that you can receive new clients/opportunities right away.

If this makes your hear skip a beat, your stomach clench or butterflies…That’s a spiritual nudge 🙂 – so let’s do it!

APPLY for your VIP Day

VIP days are customized just for you. Here’s an outline of a few possibilities:

Southern Oregon – Come work with me at my home on the Rogue River. We can focus on your business one day and build in a fun excursion. (Harry and David is based here, Crater Lake, cheese, chocolate and famous Winery’s are all nearby)

Southern California – Come work with me at my home in CA. Less than an hour from LA and Santa Barbara this is a great location option.

Grand Cayman – I’ll be in the Grand Cayman in March 2019 and have decided to make myself available for a VIP day while I’m there. You’ll get business focus in a beautiful setting

Myrtle Beach, SC – I’ll be in Myrtle Beach in July & August 2019 if you feel called to work with me while I’m there.

BONUS time! I love to work with inspired action takers because they get great results. If that’s you then let’s do this – apply in the next 48 hours and I’ll include a special bonus customized for you. That bonus could look like:

  • One month of coaching after your VIP day (Value $10,000)
  • Content, Copy, Sales Review. Consider us an extension of your team. where we will review your sales page, role play your sales conversation. Want to run a challenge, create a group, offer a webinar? We’ve done it all and can help so you’d dont have to wast time trying to figure it all out (Value $2000)

APPLY NOW! I’m finalizing my schedule so don’t delay! I promise you will LOVE this incredible experience! ​

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