Speak to Inspire Method™

Where you can authentically and easily enroll all your clients for the month in one fell swoop speaking online…

In this 4 part series, we’re outlining exactly how to turn your unique expertise into an enrollment strategy that gets all your clients at once – every month – speaking online.

In this series we will focus on three key areas:

  1. The Speak to Inspire Method™ – The energetically aligned way to authentically be you, without the sales-y tactics, that transforms and inspires your dream clients to enroll.
  2. How to inspire transformation, not sell. Non sales-y strategies that work easily and effortlessly by just being you.
  3. The six core skills of a visionary leader that attracts and enrolls clients

We’re talking about easily and authentically filling your group, maxing out your VIP offers easily adding $18K to $30K+ a month to your bottom line by signing up dream clients.  And doing it YOUR WAY.

…Without the “pitch” type stuff that doesn’t feel good to you

…Without doing a stressful energy sucking speak/launch/sell type format

…Without taking 6 months++ to master it 

Together we are going to lay the foundation for you – Combining spiritual and practical strategies – a system that will authentically enroll all of your clients every month – using your unique genius – without any pitch type tactics.

Check out Part 1: https://www.diahanabarnes.com/2020/05/11/the-4-critical-stages/

Want to participate in the next live workshop? Get on the waiting list here: https://www.diahanabarnes.com/speaktoinspiremethod

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