Success was on the Front Porch; I just didn’t recognize her

Have you ever felt like you were a failure? You know the feeling, where you’ve worked really hard at achieving something but the desired outcome just wasn’t there?

Lately I’ve been feeling exactly that.  As a spiritual business coach, one of the key components of my business model is to hold transformational retreats.  These in-person, 2 ½ day experiences are part of the pivotal work that I do with clients to get them out of their environment and begin to experience their business differently.

Purposefully small, I set a goal of having 12 attend and I have been trying for months to fill my upcoming retreat in Palm Springs. (You may have seen some of my emails and videos about it?)

With spirituality being a big part of my business, meditating and prayer are a part of my daily routine.  I am no stranger to God/Spirit/Universe or turning to Her for guidance.

Even so, the clients for my retreat still did not seem to be there.  I listened.  I prayed.

Finally it came down to the wire.  I had signed a contract with a hotel to hold my small event and they were inquiring as to the number of attendees.

Sleeping rooms needed to be booked, food ordered.  Time was of the essence when my one client that had registered backed out due to a last minute business trip.

I was lost.  I felt confused.  I worried about the money that I’d committed to paying the hotel and the contract I had signed.  I didn’t understand how with my daily prayers and alignment with God this could happen.

Then the Bible story of Hannah came across my desk.  Hannah was deeply saddened unable to have a child and in those times that was paramount for a woman.  It was thedefinition of success in that era.  Feeling like a failure, desperate she prayed and, “vowed a vow”, (1 Samuel 1: 11) that if she was given a son she would give him to the Lord.

I pondered this passage, thinking to myself how amazing it was that Hannah was so committed go her goal and desire she totally and completely gave it over to God in the fullest sense.  She was willing to give up her personal attachment and the entire life of her son over to something greater.

It was at that point I realized I needed to let go of my attachment to my retreat and fully give it over to God.

Coincidentally I was also reading the book, “Outrageous Openness: Letting the Divine Take the Lead” by Tosha Silver.  On page 70 she talks about having radical release. Giving over the outcome of anything completely to God.

Feeling guided to do this in a tangible way, I actually emailed myself a little prayer:

From: Dahana Barnes
To: Diahana Barnes

Subject: I give my retreat to God

If I’m meant to go and lead this retreat in Palm Springs let the perfect clients come. Otherwise let me be content in letting it go.  I give my retreat over to God.

The next day I went about my business fully released of the worry and concern.  The next night, barely 24 hours later, I suddenly woke up in the middle of the night hearing these words,

“Success is on the front porch she’s just wearing a different outfit”

At that moment the evidence of God’s love and my success flooded in.  In my efforts to fill my retreat I had:

– Reached out, got visible, networked and met tons of people I would have otherwise

– Had several women from different areas of my life do marketing for me, sharing information to their lists and contacts without me even asking

– I was featured in a FB live interview

– Asked to do a podcast

– Signed several new clients

– Developed a brand new “Heart-Centered Networking on LinkedIn” Model that I now teach clients

– Held two Webinars

– I even wrote my signature speech that I’d been trying to write for over 8 months.

Best of all, my husband and I became closer than ever as I shared my journey, vision and struggles with him in ways I never had before.  He even asked me for help with his business. When I asked him why now, he stated, “You’re different, you are more open”.

The list of positive outcomes (dare I say successes) goes on and on.

I was suddenly filled with so much gratitude for all the things I had received as a result of trying to fill my retreat that never would have happened otherwise.  I realized that mortal mind was the one suggesting to me that I was a failure.

Isn’t that exactly what mortal mind always tries to do?  Blocking the good that is already happening, and preventing us from receiving all the abundance we are meant to receive.

Negativity, error, mortal mind will always try to make us feel bad by telling us what something should look like.

Suddenly I got this vision of a beautiful lady standing on my front door step, her name was Success.  But mortal mind was whispering in my ear, “That’s not success.  Success should have long hair, and a green dress and different shoes.”

But who am I to tell God what Success should look like?  Is a yellow rose any less beautiful if it is pink?  It was in that moment that the veil fell away and I fully embraced that I was already successful.  I knew completely that I had been healed of any doubt or fear of failure.

God’s love, supply, support, goodness is always there.

Tender and caring we can be confident in Her joyful support in everything we do.  We just have to remember she may not always being wearing the outfit we expect. 🙂

Are you having a difficult time seeing your own success?  Being the CEO of your own business can be hard. But it doesn’t have to be.  What would happen for you in your life if you could remove mortal mind, so that you can receive the abundant success in your business you’re meant to have right now?

What is it costing you, mentally, physically, today, right now to not have that?  What is mortal mind doing to block you from success?

I can show you how to remove those errors, mortal mind, what’s blocking you.  You are already a success!

Let’s Chat!

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