The Power of Pivot Points

In order to have $10,000, $15,000 or even a $40,000 month you’ve got to know how to get rid of the the negative self-talk…like NOW!

This online world can be lonely, frustrating, and dare I say it…sometimes even a little fake. All we tend to see is success this…$10K that, so-in-so made $$$ doing this…

Am I right?

What they don’t seem to be talking about is the work behind the scenes, the amount of money they spent on FB Ads or countless hours preparing, testing, trying.

They don’t always share about what I call PIVOT POINTS.

Those key moments where you are about to do something amazing and then…WHAM! Negativity, technology, frustration…(it’s unique to you as it is to me) shows up.

We all have them. We all face them. It’s how you handle them that allows you to create those $10K months.


I was stuck. I was frustrated. I wasn’t sure what my business was about or where I was going.

I didn’t know what to do and I certainly didn’t want to share my insecurity.

I was trying things and they were not working. (or seemed to not be working)

The self-doubting gremlin was at work on my brain and I was getting sucked in.

But one thing I’ve learned is to recognize my gremlins and kick them out!

The more I tune with myself. My Energy. My One-ness with God/Universe/Source (or the Divine, whatever is true for you) the easier taking aligned action becomes.

⭐⭐The more confident, fearless, inspired I can be. ⭐⭐

My process:

1. Awareness – awareness of my energy and what kind of leader I was being in my life and my business

2. Creating a new vision for myself – what I wanted and who I wanted to be (journaling and self-reflection)

3. Working through Road blocks. Recognizing my gremlin(s) and kicking them to the curb!

4. Taking aligned action. Doing nothing gets me nowhere and I’ve realized consistency is key. Things are working…even if not super visible at that exact moment.

How do your gremlins show up? What is one action you can take RIGHT NOW to kick them to the curb?

How could your life change and improve if you were to let go of the gremlin (self talk) in your life?

Together we are going to change the world ??

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