Transformation Ripple Effect

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What Started As A Fun Weekend In Vegas Turned Into So Much More…

Have you ever had an experience so profound you were still thinking about it days later? I’ve just completed an amazing 3 day retreat in Las Vegas over the weekend and Wow! We broke through barriers, bonded with fellow entrepreneurs and transformed what’s next for our businesses.

I knew I would have some transformational moments during the three-day retreat I just finished. But never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that the work we did would also impact a young mother with eight children.

One of our breakout activities involved receiving money while being ourselves in Las Vegas. We were told that any money our teams manifested would go to a “good cause.” (Woo hoo! my sweet spot!)

One team began their evening by chatting with their Lyft driver, Kendra. A mother of eight kids, studying to be a nurse, she shared her beliefs in abundance, God/Spirit, and how blessed she was—even though she’d just been evicted from her current lodgings. But she wanted to participate in this “abundance experiment,” so she scooped 62 cents out of her cupholder and handed it over. It was all she had to give, but she gave it effortlessly. It turned out that 62 cents was all the team collected—they came in dead last in our little competition. But that hardly mattered in the end, because the story they told us about Kendra moved us all to tears.

The next day, we pooled all the money together and unanimously agreed that the “good cause” should be Kendra the Lyft driver. We invited her to join us for lunch and gave her the 62 cents back, along with an additional $2600.00!

That morning, she hadn’t even known how she could afford a weekly room rental; now she could get her kids the apartment she’d promised them for Christmas. And she could turn her nursing degree (she was graduating as an LPN just a couple of days later) into a job—because she now had the $60 to get fingerprinted.

Maybe you’ve thought about investing in yourself and your business—but something stops you. If you knew your investment would not just transform your life but the lives of others would you feel better about investing?

I can’t guarantee what results you’ll get. But I do know that when we open ourselves to possibilities—as Kendra did when she turned over that 62 cents, all the cash she had—great things can happen. Things we cannot even imagine.

What transformations can you call forth in 2018?

I believe I am called to help women like you step into your unique greatness. To make this new year the year you finally manifest abundance and joy and whatever else you desire.

So I’ve opened up five (5) VIP private coaching spots for January. We’ll kick off the program in a group call in later this month, to get you in an abundance mindset heading into the holidays and jumpstart 2018.

But there’s more. Inspired by Kendra, who gave her last 62 cents because she believed in abundance and helping others, I’ll be donating 25% of your investment to help organization supporting our friends and neighbors who’ve been displaced by the Thomas fire.

If you’re ready to invest in yourself while serving others, I invite you to apply for one of these five (5) spots. Warning: I expect them to sell out, so click on the link today.

Your heart is calling. Isn’t it time to answer?

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