Using Your Spiritual Intuition to Make More Money

The internet is down in my entire city and I’ve been running my business from my phone all day. I think it’s a sign from the Universe telling me I’m not allowed to surf the internet, read emails, or hang out on Facebook, until I get this blog post done! I’ve been putting off writing it for, oh, about 5 days now.

But, sitting here with more solitude than usual, I can’t help but think about the funny things the Spirit will do to try and get you to listen. Do you ever find yourself trying to figure out what it means and what path you’re meant to take? I know I sure do, especially the more I allow by life to be guided by my Spiritual Intuition.

For me, it started with a journey of self-discovery years ago when I took my very first personality quiz. It was called the Herrman Whole Brain Model. It gave insights into four thinking modes intended to help you understand and value yourself in order to understand and value others. Intrigued, I explored all the personality quizzes I could get my hands on – DISC, Myers Briggs, Lumina Spark, Strengths Finder. With each one I learned a little bit more about who I was, how I thought, how I reacted in stressful situations, and where I excelled when I was in my zone. I loved each of them, some more than others, but I always learned something new.

After taking a bunch of personality tests and quizzes that I could find, I couldn’t help but feel like something was still missing. I realized that none of these quizzes tapped into who I was spiritually. I found myself yearning to understand more about myself (in a divine way) and how I was meant to lead and help others.  If you’re not experiencing abundance in your business the way that Spirit intends you to, then the first thing you need to do is align who you spiritually are.

Which is why I created the Spiritual Attributes Quiz

This quiz reveals which of the 7 Spiritual Attributes you’re strongest in.   You can use these attributes to experience something different and to guild your choices and decisions within your business to find greater success, more clients, and financial freedom.

So, if you’re a woman who wants to discover how to use your Spiritual Intuition in her business to make more money and serve more people this quiz might be a good first step. It will reveal to you which of the 7 Spiritual Attributes you’re strongest in so you can tap into them to guide and expand your business.  You might be surprised what you Spiritual intuition tells you to do. You could be inspired to:

?Send someone you’ve connected with on FB and send them a PM and invite them to a virtual coffee
?Reconnect with a past client
?Tell someone you know about what you’re currently working on and ask them what’s new in their world.

>>take the quiz to find out your strongest Spirit Attribute<<

Then I’ll hook you up with individualized tips you can use to strengthen your Spiritual Attributes and use them in your business.

>>click here to take this 2-minute Spiritual Attribute quiz<<

And btw – if you’re a guy reading this, please share it with an entrepreneurial woman in your life.

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