We Are All CEOs


Do you believe me?

I believe every woman IS the Harmonious CEO of her business. That means we have all the all the money. All the clients. All the time and freedom we could possibly desire.

God would not have given us this dream, desire, this calling without everything we need to achieve it.

We are meant to make a BIG impact in the world.

Everything we need to do that is already inside you right now.

Today, I want to share with you how I became the Harmonious CEO of my business.

After working in corporate for years, I came to a point in my life where I wanted to be home with my teenagers. I saw that there were only a few precious years left, then they’d be off to college and out of the house. I also had a long time dream of working from home coaching others but wasn’t sure if I could make enough $$ to replace my big corporate income. I worried about health insurance, and giving up the consistency my job gave my family.

I’d always been spiritual, taught at an early age to rely on God, and I was formally taught by a spiritual teacher.

But I was also very practical. Because being in business you have to be practical, right? Working in the corporate world and being spiritual or trusting your intuition just wasn’t done. This was even modeled for me as a young girl.

When I was about 8 years old my parents decided that my mom would open up her own furniture store to augment my dad’s corporate income. An entrepreneur in her own right and before it was even a “thing” she ran that store like a BOSS. A total Lady Boss without much experience or worldly education, she built it into a successful enterprise while being totally spiritual. She trusted her spiritual side and she succeeded.

Then, like a tornado (from little Diahana’s an 8-year old’s perspective) my dad would whoosh into the business. Doing what he thought was lending his “business experience and education” his practical help, trying to support, in the only way he knew how.

It was at those times, I would see my mom acquiesce her spiritual side, not trusting herself to be the leader she really was. Giving in to the “more educated and more experienced”. More practical.

Seeing this dynamic between my mom and dad, I took on the perspective that one shouldn’t trust themselves or what I call your spiritual intuition, but instead be practical first. Always. It just “made good business sense.”

So when it came time to build my own business, I started with the practical. I hired a business coach. I created a website. I put on a persona of what I thought I should be and tried to model what others were doing in an attempt to recreate their success as my own.

And guess what happened?

My efforts fell flat. Crickets… I’d have one client…then nothing. Maybe another small one…then silence. Money was coming in, but not consistently and not in the way I wanted it to.

It was painful and it was hard. I was trying to “manipulate” my results and of course I came across that way. Sales-y…Pushy…

I talked harmony but I wasn’t totally living it. I was manifesting money (my spiritual side was still rock solid) but it wasn’t SIGNIFICANTLY coming from my business. I wanted my business to support everything I wanted to do.

It wasn’t until I hit a point of desperation – where I wanted my business to be beyond profitable. I wanted to be free to invest in fun things for me and my business.

I wanted to stop personally funding the extras.

And I was willing to do whatever it took.

Which meant facing early childhood drama, healing inner fears, forgiving…

It meant trusting God and my inner intuition when it came to my business even when it didn’t make practical sense.

I stopped trying to manipulate the outcome of my business by modeling what others were doing. I shed the shell of what I thought I should be (what others expected) and I let myself me “ME”. I stopped “trying” everything and started listening.

I let the inner me out.

I healed fears and removed blocks. I started with the spiritual and executed with the practical.

That’s when the magic happened. That’s when I had what I call a Business Miracle.

In a single moment, I became the Harmonious CEO that trusts herself and her own intuition – those whispers from God that come when I am still.

​That’s when I hit six figures in my business in only a matter of months, when I started signing huge VIP clients, when I created consistency in my business and never looked back, easily attracting clients, making money with all the freedom and flexibility I wanted.

And that’s when I really started making a big impact for my clients, guiding them to sign up their first clients, double their rates, tripling the number of clients within days after trying for years just to get just one client.

That’s my mission. To help entrepreneurial women become the Harmonious CEOs of their business. It’s my dream, my calling, and my gift to help us all be the leaders we are meant to be.

So, if you feel yourself in my words and if you’re ready to be the Harmonious CEO of your business…if God is whispering to you to learn more…then you’re invited to apply and learn more .

We’ll schedule time to chat, I’ll learn about you, you’ll learn about me, and together we’ll decide what, if any, next steps might look like for us.

Apply today and let’s see where it takes us

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