What Environment Inspires You?

What does your soul inspiring space look like?

I remember when I was a little girl in Girl Scouts we used to go on “camping trips” up in the mountains in a log cabin. As a typical southern California girl, the newness of being up in the mountains, the fresh air, the wildlife, the smell of the woods and wood burning fire places, held and amazing and relaxing mystique.

Now I am blessed with a similar happy place up in Oregon where I get to experience those same things. Isn’t it interesting how your environment can feed your soul?

And when my soul is happy I feel inspired. Writing blog posts are easier, reaching out to potential clients is comes naturally, heart-centered and aligned, taking action in my business just flows.

Over the last couple of weeks, this is come up quite a bit in my conversations. Environment, as an entrepreneur, it seems, is so important. Gone are the days where we are willing to drive miles to corporate jobs, work in glass door offices or among rows of cubicles.

Now we get to choose and that choice can be so important and how you run your business.

One of the most important things you can do as the CEO of your business is to surround yourself in a space that feels good and inspiring, allowing you to be your best, for yourself and your clients.

What is your soul filling environment?

Pop on over to the Savvy lady Facebook group and tell me or post a picture! I’d love to see your space.

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Written from my iPad from my soul inspired place ?

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