What’s Your Focus this Summer?

Clients don’t just magically appear. No matter how visible you are or how spiritually aligned you feel, you still have to do some heart-centered “sales” work.  When I ran 40M sales team and trained hundreds of people, we would use this slower summer time to review and reflect. Adapted for Coaches & Healers here are a few areas of focus you might want to look at.

Next week (in the US) as a typicality slower week. Take advantage of it. Use this quieter week to get a fast start on the second half of the year.  Here’s a list ideas for you as a Harmonious CEOs to focus on. Don’t wait. Before you know it the summer will be over and you’ll wish you’d been a bit more diligent and disciplined about your coaching and sales activity. ?

#1. Revisit those who said yes but not now… it’s always good to follow up.  What is the next best step for them?

#2. Update your website and collateral with new “success” testimonials

#3: Brush up on or revisit your sales process. What’s working; what needs tweaking.  Do you have a process? (Hint 1 out of 5 conversations becoming a client is a good baseline metric)

#4: Refresh your ideal client list (or pull a new one. I just did this today on LinkedIn for myself)

#5: Do prospect research on new dream clients you’d love to work with.

#6: Practice, record, and review your program on a page. How well does it flow, what’s the response.

#7: Stay connected. Send a hand written thank you note to every client (this is my favorite!)

#8: Review your calendar; are you taking daily actions to move your business forward. Why or why not?

Pick one or several and get them done this week.

Consider joining us in heart-centered sales school – where we have ready to go customizable templates and guides for each one.

Looking for a little extra support right now? Feel free to join us in The Harmonious CEO Facebook group. Take advantage of the daily themes. Stay focused by joining us for our super fun call booking blitzes that you can participate in on a regular basis.

There is so much power (and fun) in the collective energy of a group and knowing you have support.

Have an amazing weekend and for those of us in the United States – Happy 4th!

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