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Energy Healing for Executives & Entrepreneurs

Integrated Energy Therapy® (IET) is a safe, gentle, nurturing way to empower and balance your life by helping you release patterns.

Negative experiences, stress, unexpressed emotion, fear, anger, resentment or self-limiting beliefs can become “stuck” (or suppressed) in the body and inhibit or disrupt the flow of vital life force at a cellular level.  These energy blockages limit our experience and can negatively impact your results in business.

Sell over Zoom Workshop

Want to learn a simple online strategy that results in new clients without the sales pitch-type tactics, complicated tech, or having to sign up for a high end guru's mastermind?

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The Speak to Inspire Method™ Intensive is for Coaches, Healer/Practioners, and Heart-Centered Entrepreneurs who are ready to authentically and easily enroll new clients by speaking.

We’re talking about easily and authentically adding $8K to $15K+ a month to your bottom line by signing up dream clients.  And doing it without having to leave your house.

...Without the “pitch” type stuff that doesn’t feel good to you

...Without trying to fit into a speak/launch/sell type format

...Without taking 6 months++ to master it 

Together we are going to create for you - Combining spiritual and practical strategies - a strategy that will authentically enroll 5-15 clients every month - using your unique genius - without any pitch type tactics.

All by you speaking online in YOUR OWN WAY…

That focus on bringing out your inner radiance and connecting it with what your dream clients desire.

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ELITE Executive Program

ELITE Executive Program for Entrepreneurs

Designed for the visionary leader  who is ready to up-level  as the executive - systematically enrolling new clients and building a business that changes lives.  Our unique Speak to Inspire Method™ will give you a way to share your vision, create momentum in your business, lead from a place of confidence with a model of marrying the spiritual with the practical along with total freedom and harmony.

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  • Speak to Inspire ELITE is designed for the visionary leader who is ready to use the Speak to Inspire Method™ as a way to share her vision, create momentum in her business, up-level who she is and where she’s going, and the deep impact she’s called to do with a model of marrying the spiritual with the practical along with total freedom and harmony.
  • As a member of the program you’ll work intimately with myself, my team and other high level leaders in group to leverage your intuitive spiritual gifts into a “signature talk” (and/or even your own event) in a way that is consistently and profitable, fun, flexible AND has a huge impact on those you serve. You’ll receive customized attention with me, private and group coaching, divinely inspired training on key areas, and powerful tools to help you take your business to the next level
  • Should you choose - you will have the option to exit the program fully trained in the Speak to Inspire Method™ for use in your own business and events as well as be eligible to be selected as one of our facilitators, stage speakers and consultants to clients.

This is for you if...

  • You want to use your feminine leadership style to grow your business
  • You don’t want to hustle, push, or follow a cookie cutter template
  • You're ready to make speaking in an inspirational way a key part of your marketing
  • You see yourself on stage(s) online, in person, your own, at others, or both

Diahana has helped me to streamline my sales conversation with new clients so that I don’t feel like I am groveling. I feel empowered now when I talk to potential clients because Diahana’s Heart Centered approach does just that - it reminds me to be in my heart as I have conversations with people. And that is just where I want to expand my business from, my heart!

Susan Burrell
Living Your Inspired Life

Hi, I’m Diahana Barnes. I spent 20+ years leading and training corporate sales teams, learning the ins and outs of selling and applying it to my business as an entrepreneur so you don’t have to.

I’ve trained hundreds of new sales reps on how to build relationships and authentically sell, so they can attract clients instead of chasing them. I’ve been in charge of massive email campaigns, huge business budgets and $40+ million teams for a select handful of the biggest companies known to (wo)man. I have the Master’s degree. I have the awards. And I built my own 6-figure side business while still in corporate.

I tell you that to tell you this:

Before working with Diahana I was facing challenges around my sales process and effective networking strategies.  I chose Diahana because she's so good at marrying both the spiritual side and the practical side of business.  After just two sessions I am effectively converting leads to prospects and prospects to clients.

Angi Scibelli MacDonnell
Mom / Runner / Health Enthusiast / Entrepreneur

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