Working in Spiritual Harmony

How it all started
It seems as if I have always been an entrepreneur. Starting at age 23, I launched my first business with $3,000 and words of encouragement from my Mom, who taught me first-hand how to listen to my spiritual intuition and be open to receive all that is good. Including being a woman who can have a wonderful family, life, and a successful business easily and seamlessly. Within two weeks, I had recouped my investment and more and my entrepreneurial flame ignited.

The Catalyst
The catalyst then, as it is now, was spiritually whispered to me that I should be my own boss, have the financial freedom to travel, be with family and create my own path. Distracted by the corporate world and ambition, I lost sight of that dream only to come back to it repeatedly over the past 20+ years. After nearly 10 years of trying to juggle both a demanding corporate job and a side business, I finally took a leap of faith (literally) and left the corporate world to spend time with my family.

At the time, I really didn’t think I could leave it behind to work solely for myself. My company needed me. My team looked to me. My family relied on me. I wasn’t trusting Spirit. Instead, I was waiting for the “perfect moment” to quit my day job— that imaginary future when everything was in its place, so the transition could be seamless. I worried about money, health insurance, how we would live.

The Beginning
Meanwhile, I’d launched my first training, coaching and consulting practice in 2006 called LearnEASE, LLC . Designed to be a sales training company, it quickly evolved into a very successful consulting practice shared with my husband that included, Virtual Assistant, IT and Remote Access solutions for small businesses. It quickly became more of my husband’s business as I yearned to do more coaching.

Over the course of several years, I got my Masters, attended coaching school and evolved my practice from Life coaching to Health coaching to Sales coaching. I secretly feared that if things were to thrive in my coaching business, it would take away even more time from my personal and family life. I would over extend and over commit, feeling exhausted and even more stressed out.

It took one pivotal moment to make me take that leap of faith…when my son got his driver’s license. In that moment, I saw his whole future flashed before my eyes. First driving, then high school graduation, before I knew it, he would be off to college. Football games. Swim meets. My daughter’s volleyball games. School dances. While I stressed and exhausted myself at work, the moments with my family were all passing me by. Deep inside I knew I was meant to do something different and I left the corporate world ready to truly spend quality time with my family.

The Evolution
Inspired to consider coaching again – I re-launched my business. Now I would love to say it was all roses and ease, but it wasn’t. For the first few months, I struggled and things just were not gelling right. I’d quit my corporate job to spend time with my family and that was totally great! We travelled a ton and spent some amazing time together.

However, on the business side, I’d launched a new coaching program, even had a few clients, but I still felt off. The spiritual side of me was missing. The core and essence of who I am, how I had always been able to manifest, maintain calm in chaos, the internal harmony of who I was – was hidden.
Going through the motions of building a business, fancy website, glossy business cards, creating offers that suited my experience and expertise (but not my spiritual soul), doing what I was told would make money but not feeling satisfied.

I found my way out by tapping into the Zen calm process that I had secretly used for years in the corporate world, realizing, aligning and affirming my spiritual self and true harmony and as a result created the Harmony Core Process™. This 7-step process has brought me abundance, freedom, amazing clients and easy breezy days off where the phone is easily put away for quality time with my family. It includes the powerful mental techniques that I use myself and with clients to achieve ongoing, consistent and repeatable money harmony in business and life. Now, my spiritual side and business, is glowing.

Exciting Plans for 2018
There are several amazing opportunities in store for those who are interested in working with me in 2018! Virtual Retreats done over GoToMeeting have become a core part of my business. The Money Harmony 30 Day Manifesting Coaching Program (#MH30) is a brand new program for entrepreneurs who want to get a jump-start on manifesting money for their business.

In 2018, I am also adding in person retreats as well. The Harmony Business Retreat is an in person retreat in the U.S. (Palm Springs, CA most likely) in January 2018. Imagine heading into 2018 with complete clarity, feeling energized, fully in tune with Spirit so that:

• You are filled with peace, calm, purpose, and know the exact right plan and action steps to take for your business and you’re super excited to execute and reap the rewards
• Everything in your world is aligned – your finances, family, and clients
• You can feel confident in taking a day (or two, or three) off without checking your phone (knowing the money is there to support you All. The. Time) and fully enjoy the laptop lifestyle you’ve dreamed of.
• Money is easy because you have the tools to know and trust that Spirit is guiding and providing

Lessons Learned/Words of Wisdom
Over the past year I’ve learned to follow that inner voice, God/Spirit/Universe (whatever word is true for you) is always guiding. True mindset, alignment, happiness, harmony and success are built on a spiritual foundation. I truly believe that we are not able to have a true dream or desire without the ability (and finances) to achieve it. I’ve seen this in spades this past year both myself and with clients. One of the first steps in manifesting abundance is knowing and honoring who you spiritually are, holding steadfast to the Truth, and kicking out any negative self-talk, gremlins or errors. Master this, and you will be unstoppable.

Don’t wait. If you want a change; there never will be the exact right time. The time is now if you want it to be.

Hire a coach. Or two. Or three. Find someone you connect with that shares your vision and can help you get where you want to go. I’ve had many coaches both in Corporate and as an Entrepreneur. Each one gave me valuable insights that helped me on my journey.

Delegate. Leaders cannot and should not do it all. As the CEO of yourself and your business, stop trying to do it all. Plus, it allows others to step up and grow. My 12 year old daughter has designed many of my social media image posts, she’s talented and smart, and would have never thought she could earn money working for me…Letting go gives others the opportunity to step into their greatness.


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