You Are Your Brand

I just got back in the swing of things this week after being in Hawaii for some amazing rest and relaxation!

It was a great time to rejuvenate and I have some amazing new topics coming your way!

First up is branding. It’s been on my mind for a few weeks now, ever since I launched my website and FB group, I’ve been getting a ton of questions around how marketing, sales and branding. So I’ll be sharing what I know from my years of experience in corporate, and from having done my own personal branding.

People buy from people. Clients don’t buy a product or service. They buy you.

Your personality. 🙂

Your experience. <3

Those amazing and unique qualities only you possess.

In my 20+ years in corporate – “branding” meant a corporate-looking logo and a tagline. We used it everywhere and on everything.

One thing I’ve learned about branding as an entrepreneur online, the real value is in just being you and letting your personality shine through. When I did my own branding, and when I help my clients with theirs, I always start with a few things:

>>Your Strengths – Your strengths define you. They are who you are and what you’re about. Know them, embrace them, hug them and share them. When you share your strengths you begin to share your…

>>Your Authentic Voice

How you speak and write and even how you act on FB Live or on an audio has the power to instantly identify you to your audience. Just take a quick look at your Facebook feed. Isn’t it super easy to see who has posted a particular image or status update?

Do you recognize the “voice” or style they post? It’s that “voice” that has the power to attract a specific client.

How do you create your brand?

Pick three words that you want to represent your brand. You’ll find yourself using these words as your foundation for all that you do. Mine are:

Authentic ★ Fun ★ Professional

>>Who you are & Your Story

How did you get to where you are today? Your story—which to you might seem boring and uneventful—is a powerful tool that can help solidify your brand and attract just the right client.

I know when I was writing mine I didn’t think it was powerful enough. But then I realized, it doesn’t have to be super dramatic, and I didn’t have to share more than I was comfortable with, but it did have to be authentic and genuine to me.

I tell the story of my son turning 16 and how that really pushed me and gave me a big wake up call to leave corporate. Nothing fancy. But it sure was a pivotal moment for me and my business.

What was it for you? Be your true self, and you’ll never have to worry about finding clients, they will find you. They will self-select because they are attracted to you and your brand.

Perfect clients will find you when you are your brand 🙂

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